• Historically, Jesus did exist

    As a historical figure, it accepted that Jesus was an actual person, so no problem there. However, this question is probably more geared towards whether or not he is divine. People say no, people say yes. It comes down to what you believe. Science can't prove it wrong, or at least not now, so there isn't any reason not to believe in it. It shouldn't hinder the progress of humanity in any way, not if you don't let it. But, these things are best left to faith. No use arguing or worrying about it.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • He Just Does

    God exist because look around you. Our genetic DNA, the planet, animals all add up to god's creation. I don't recall a single thing in the Bible to be wrong so far. Scientists can keep on trying but no matter what, they can't get rid of religion by simply studying our evolution.

  • Of course he does

    The majority of the worlds population believes in God. The world is an amazing place with so many perfect systems, all point towards intelligent design. There is much evidence that Jesus existed and his worked changed the world entirely in just three years. No one in history has ever achieved that besides Jesus.

  • They BOTH exist, but they both are not the same either.

    Everything in the universe is evidence of God's existence. God is the Creator, Creator of everything, including time and space, which makes up the boundaries of this universe. Because the Creator created time and space, it is not bound by it, therefore, God, or the Creator, does not exist WITHIN this universe. And this universe is a finite, physical world, and the Creator is outside it, therefore the Creator is not physical, but metaphysical, or a spiritual entity beyond the realm of our human understandings.

    This universe has been proven finite, therefore, it had a beginning. All things that had beginnings were created or brought into existence by a cause, the cause was the Creator of course, that created this universe, that brought it into existence, and evolved it in stages and formed everything perfectly and magnificently. Many great scholars and philosophers and scientists in the past, including Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton believed that God existed, and they had logical and rational reasons for it, as I am presenting now.

    These are just basics. There has to be a creator of this massive illusion that we live in, it is impossible (except with a closed mind), to say that this universe, the condition that it is in now, was not intelligently crafted, and was brought into existence from absolutely nothing.

    If that were the case, the same laws would still apply now. Why don't random elephants just pop into existence in random places? We can see that there are laws that govern this universe, who designed these laws in the first place? The Mastermind of course! God is that mastermind.

    Evolution could not have continued on without the one controlling it, the one who planned it all from the beginning, the one who perfected it, the one who slowed it down and sped it up.

    God is The Source of everything, it is impossible to deny. All of the knowledge that we have regarding this universe and everything in it, is from God, the Creator, Himself, as He designed, constructed, and perfected this universe. Evolved it, and one day, will bring it to its end, whenever He wills. There is no shadow of a doubt that He has full knowledge of this universe and everything in it.

    Not only does the Creator have full knowledge of it, His power and reign stretches forth even beyond the edges of the universe. He is The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent, and The Omniscient.

    He is the Transcendent. He is beyond this universe, and infinitely beyond us. God is Eternal, an infinite being. The universe is finite, and we are part of the universe, we are also finite. It will come to an end, just as it had come into existence. But God is forever, God exists without a place, without a time period, without relations. God is One.

    As for Jesus (as), read the books, 'Jesus in India' and 'Among the Lost Sheep' for historical evidences of Jesus' existence. Also, Jesus isn't God.

  • Of Course God Exists

    My own faith in God and the existence of God is rekindled by small miracles everyday; the warmth you feel in a loved one's embrace, the color that floods your heart during a beautiful sunrise, things like that. I also found Marilyn Adamson's article on this very topic to be both fitting and logical. She gave several concrete, and widely indisputable reasons why many believe in a higher being. These were:

    1. The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

    2. The universe had a start - what caused it, if not God? (Here lies the reason why some argue that the burden of proof falls on atheists in this particular subject matter.)

    3. The universe operates by uniform laws of nature.

    4. The DNA code informs, programs a cell's behavior.

    5. God is constantly initiating and seeking for us to come to him. (Perhaps even through guiding you to this page and your eyes to this text.)

    Here is the link to the article, in case you want to read the whole thing. I found it very interesting:
    God exists. God exists within the hearts and faiths of people like me, who will never be convinced otherwise.

  • Proof of God's Existence.

    Let us begin with movement. So how did the earth get here? Well let's go ahead and assume it was the big bang. Well what set off the big bang? An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In other words nothing can move without being moved by something else. Therefore, going all the way back to the beginning, the moving object was set in motion by an unmoved mover. This unmoved mover cannot possibly be a part of our physical world. In other words, this mover has to be a god of some sort.

    The same thing goes for creation. Think of all the amazingly complex natural things in our world. Take the human body for example. All these amazing moving parts all working together to create a being that can think, feel, touch, taste, smell, hear, see and so much more! How could something like that be created by accident? There has to be something that designed everything. That ultimate creator created everything in the universe because it is all amazingly complex. This is the uncreated creator. Aka: God.

  • God is different things to so many people . . .

    God is different things to so many people. I'm a pantheist, for example, and we believe that the universe is God! Though faith is a foundation of any religious belief, pantheist don't rely on faith when we say that the universe exist. Empirically it does!

    Not all pantheist believe that the universe is conscious--though many philosophers ( like Alfred North Whitehead ) have attributed to it at least a form of primitive consciouness. To a pantheist, God necessarily exist because God is the universe.

    Of course not all faiths believe that the universe is God, but there is some speculation, among even the most serious scientists, that the universe was designed explicitly to support biological life! Various properties of important sub-atomic particle components, like the electron for example, have the mass and the electric charge just right to make important life-sustaining molecules, like water, possible in this universe! In fact, if the electron had a slightly different size or mass, this universe would be impossible.

    More and more scientists are beginning to recognize this strange coincidence, and so alternative hypothesis have been proposed, such as the multi-verse theory, which argues that there are an infinite number of universes out there--and ours happens to be one that has the right properties for biological life.

    Others have proposed that there is a God and it might be--gasp!--the universe! Books like The God Theory propose--not only that God exist--but that consciousness arises from turbulence of of the electro-magnetic force! This would suggest that--not only is biological life conscious--but so is virtually all of the universe in some strange primitive way!

  • Jesus is faith and real . Religion is a man made invention .

    Many times , people ask : was this an actual human being or just another character in a book? If Jesus were not real , it would be hard create a replica of him like many historians have completed . There have been archeogical findings that Jesus was real, such as a limestone box found in Jerusalem. Questioning whether Jesus was godly and held powers that a mere human being does not possess is solely based on the person who reads the bible . Faith can never be determined with logic . It is not seeing , but feeling.

  • No he/it dont

    Jesus and god dont excist because science hasnt proven it. We know evolution excist because we have physical and scientific evidence. We don't have any that god excists. Jesus did excist according to historical evidence but he didnt rise from the dead because that isnt physically possible for any human to do. Science has proven to be very accuret. Religion not.

  • There is simply no evidence to support such inanity.

    My arguments are all the theist side, but I had to post this to click "NO".
    And then it says to post at least 50 words.


    No person like the "bible" describes as "jesus" can be proven to have ever existed.
    Not one "miracle" attributed to "god", "jesus", or any "saint" can be proven to have ever happened.
    Nothing about the claims of theists is verifiable and thus has no weight or value.

  • Scientifically, no. But who am I to say?

    Really, it all comes down to what individuals believe or think about the world. My belief is that God can be a sort of symbol or a representative of hope, kindness, and love to people, no matter the religion. F you want to believe in God, if you truly believe that God is real, then he is. And if you don't, then he isn't. It's all up to the individual person. The same thing can apply to Jesus.

  • I do not believe so

    I do not currently hold any belief in the existence of deities, though I accept that I cannot prove that nothing which may be labelled a deity does not exist. However, I am fully comfortable in saying that I know that Yahweh does not exist for the exact same reason that I know absolutely that nowhere in the universe,or any other universe, exists a drawing of a square circle: it is logically impossible as described.

  • Jesus most likely existed (but is not the son of god), but about God, no.

    I'm not one to say that Jesus is fake, or was not a real human. But whether he is the son of a god, I would say no. Look, he probably was real, and may have been a good person who promoted peace and justice, (not christian btw), why else would these primitive people write the bible? But that doesn't mean that he is the son of God. And on gods existence, I would say no. The universe is 14 billion years old, but according to the bible, he is not. According to bible, the earth is 6,000 years old, but science says it's 4.5 billion, and ALWAYS TRUST SCIENCE OVER RELIGION, ALWAYS! Now does that definitively disprove god's existence? Well no. Is there any proof that he is real? No. THERE IS NO WAY TO PROVE WHETHER HE IS OR NOT, BUT SCIENCE POINTS TO HIM/HER NOT BEING REAL! Please guys and girls, think rationally, and never use the bible to prove stuff that science should be proving.

  • No Biblical Jesus

    I imagine this question is geared toward the biblical Jesus, not the historical Jesus. The difference is that there may well have been a man on whom the biblical character of Jesus is based, just as the characters of King Arthur and Robin Hood are loosely based on historical individuals. However, we have no good reason to assume that the Jesus character actually performed the actions which are attributed to him.

    Modern scholarship has produced questionable accounts of his existence and precisely zero verification of his miracles. I see no reason to believe.

  • I wouldn't say so.

    There is absolutely no evidence to support a God, so why should we say he exists?? Just because the majority of the population believes in him doesn't mean he's real. The majority of the population believed that the earth was flat... Well would you look at that ,it's not. Theists say that there is no substantial evidence towards evolution, but they use faith as evidence towards their belief. I must say that our definition of evidence differs a lot. There is plenty of evidence towards evolution, and faith is not a proof.

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Ragnar says2013-06-25T07:35:04.377
All hail the FSM.
Fanghur says2013-06-25T11:35:57.250
As a scientist I have seen absolutely no compelling evidence whatsoever that would suggest that some kind of transcendent immaterial mind, a concept which I personally find incoherent, exists in any meaningful or real sense. I am also unconvinced that a historical Jesus ever existed, though I grant that it is possible that some itinerate Jewish rabbi, possibly named Yeshua, could have been at the core of the story, similar to how the legend of King Arthur may well have at least a small grain of truth to it, magic swords and wizard's fire notwithstanding. That is all the credence I give it however.
Dmitribohanon says2013-06-26T22:32:10.273
The question is terribly worded. Historically Jesus of Nazareth did exist, however it is up to the individual to decide if his miracles happened. Putting this in a questions a god in itself is very broad. Do they mean a christian god? Or a hindu gods? Its almost illogical to awnser this one way or the other way without a broader explanation.
Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:28:32.327
The God I depict is not a person, but the creator of the universe as an entity. Jesus is real though and not from what the saints wrote. Whatever the bible told you by apostles is like a fairy tale. Sorry, I am a self-hating catholic and the priests can be very hypocritical; pretenders, dudes and dudettes.
savvga13 says2013-06-28T16:55:37.873
@Dmitribohanon-But the question asks if God exists, as in the God with a capital G, which represents the common "God" shared by Islam, Christain, and Jewish faiths, right?
mon.lordura says2013-06-29T23:16:56.397
This is correct it is not logicall that some conciseness is in space judging human actions we are just as free as the animals to do what we want on this planet and in the universe, everything we see is due to action and reaction look at the planets surface its not perfect it is the way it is because of the way it settled through time
sweetbreeze says2013-07-03T07:15:36.810
I'm not sure, really. Nothing and no-one has ever proved that they really existed. Well, I'm not really in this when it comes to his existence, because I don't know.