• Yes God needs a starship!

    How in the f*ck do you think God can be God of all the infinite universes in existence if he doesnt have a starship? What do you expect him to fly coach in Delta like a normal person? Thats insanity! God needs a starship to get back and forth between his destinations because flying on commercial planes is just too much of a hassle. I mean do you know how much God gets stopped by the TSA? White guy with a beard and a history in the Middle East.... Yeah, hes getting 'randomly selected' for additional screening.

  • He is not worthy

    If he is so great and powerful, what does he need with a man made structure. If he needed one, cant he just create one, or would that defy the law of conservation. I think that god is not worthy to own a star ship in any way

    -By the Atheist Trekkie

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