• In a sense God plays a role in sports.

    God does have much higher priorities than deciding who will win a NFL playoff game but that doesn't mean He doesn't impact sports. For example, about half the NFL players are in the position they are in because of their faith in God. They pray and have confidence in their abilities because of where God has led them.

  • As an athlete speaking, God gives men and women the talents they possess

    Talent is God given, he brings people to where they are for a reason. Obviously, God-gifted athletes are proof that God exists. Star athletes find themselves doing amazing things beyond belief, and as an athlete I must say that there is no way I would be where I am without God.

  • Yes

    Of course God plays a role in sports. You can tell by the way that everyone sports star makes the sign of the cross before starting a play. Or by how God gets so many mentions in every victory speech. If God didn't play a role in sports, why would so many athletes thank him?

  • Yes there is even if you don't believe you have to admit it that their is

    God gives us all talents some in sport some in arts music etc . Each of those individuals are BLESSED with a talent . If someone tells me go make a house I can't do it , you know why ? Because I wasn't blessed with that god given gift to become a builder . Even if you don't believe in God or are an atheist , we are all blessed throughout or lives . Through good and bad he is there . A little sign of the cross before you walk onto the field in your next match will make a difference . So does God exist in Sports ? YES you know why people he exists in general and in our whole lives . If you have a family member who passed away you refer to them as your angel right ? Angels come from Heaven . Where God exists . So does God exists in Sports . YES remember that

  • "Role" is too broad.

    One cannot deny that God plays a "role" in sports. We see athletes everywhere give credit for their talent to God. Does God determine the outcome of events? No. Humans are left to their own devices and free will in sports just like any other part of life. After a tragedy, survivors often thank their God while puzzling away as to why they lived and someone else died. When a player scores, s/he may thank God for keeping them safe, providing spiritual guidance, or a myriad of other reasons. Believers give God credit for their abilities. Non-believers credit themselves. In either case, God has no impact on the overall outcome.

  • NO

    If there is a God, then I'm sure that he/she/it/they have better things to do than worry about who wins the Super Bowl or the World Series. I have a very high doubt that the supreme being of the universe, possibly even a multi verse if certain theories are correct, has the time of day to waste in making sure that this sports team does good or that sports team wins.

  • No

    God does not play a role in sports. If there is a god, he has far more pressing things to worry about like famine and war and starvation and AIDS and DYING CHILDREN than your stupid football game.
    But since there's still famine and war a DYING CHILDREN in this world, I think it's pretty safe to say that there is no God. Or if he does exist, he's a wanker.

  • There's no proof

    Just because the majority of athletes in the United States are Christian does not mean that their success or failure can be because of "God." Also, to even begin to argue this point, you'd first have to prove that God exists. What makes people win is dedication and mastery of their "art." Can "religion" help with the unity of a team, yes, but in the end, it has nothing to do with the success or failure of that team or individual.

  • No God in Sports

    Sports are designed for entertainment purposes. Assuming that there is a God, I do not think s/he would care enough about the outcome of a sports game to pay attention when there are starving people all over the world. In general though, I don't really think there is a God, and I think it's kind of silly to think that s/he would be invovled in sports.

  • No He Does Not

    God does not play a role in sports. There is no way to prove it and anyone that says he does just has a deep religious foundation. If he played a role, then people who are atheists or believed in another religion would not play well. This is not the case.

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