• The Bible is Clear

    Scripture is abundantly clear that God punishes sinners who do not accept Jesus as their Savior for eternity. It is our punishment for those who do not believe in what Christ did for them on the cross. It is a simple and true message, to not beleive is a death sentence in Hell.

  • God is just

    God punishes those who do wrong. It is his way of judging us. If he did not punish sinners, it would be like a judge letting a criminal who killed your family go free without punishment. God must punish evil. Do not just judges punish wrong? We know that God is just therefore he must punish wrong.

  • Death from sin

    The fact of the matter is. God hates sin. Now all humans are born sinners and we can do nothing to help that fact that we have a sinful heart. Sin tries to comfort us. But you have to believe and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross. Without him we would never have been able to be saved. He is righteous and he loved us so much. He went through a lot. Tempted, then beaten 50 times with a whip with glass shards and rock on the end of it. That would hurt LOADS. And he did this for us. Humans. Now lying, cheating, sexual immorality are all big sins, and as I said God hates sin. Sin cannot be ranked by God and all sin is looked totally down on by God. If you perform good deeds and you don't commit murder or rape it doesn't mean you are saved. Trusting in Jesus Christ is your one and only option. Otherwise you will burn in hell for eternity...

  • Kind of a scary guy, that God.

    Wow. I thought God was supposed to be nonjudgmental, loving, and forgiving of all his creations. I thought he was supposed to be an example for His dear, dear humans. I mean, Hell must be one overcrowded place. I can hardly say a word or take a breath without committing some horrific sin. The world is so much more beautiful when you're not fearing hell or anticipating heaven.

  • Something in me tells me NO!

    Everything in the Bible says yes but something in me tells me that He will pick us all up and will take us to that beautifully place he has for us all. OUR FINAL RESTING PLACE. HEAVEN, THE KINGDOM OF GOD. God bless us all, and may His glorious and infinite love help us be better each and every day.

  • Preposterous and disgusting

    The idea that something so mere as sin could offend and anger a so called "all powerful" being is absolutely preposterous, laughable and ridiculous. The biblical God is supposed to be all powerful and loving, which we all know is preposterous, don't believe me? Look at some of the bible stories. Besides that, the idea that we were born in sin and that we inherited sin from a man who never existed, regardless of whether or not we were going to commit sin in the future is absolutely revolting and disgusting. What makes this even worse is the fact that the only of being "saved" from this inherited sin is to worship and love a man who was sent down by his father to be beaten, tortured and humiliated because he "loved" us and wanted to "forgive us. This whole doctrine is disgusting and should be laughed at.

  • No

    No there is much support that God did not and does not deal with sin for ever. God did not create a place called hell for dead people to go for if he did it would have been placed in the genesis account. Everything God created is labeled in genesis and their is no such thing as hell even being mentioned within the six days he created everything. Hell is not possible for it is impossible to be alive yet dead. And God said all Souls belong to him and that the soul (which is translated in Hebrew as "Nephesh" or living creature) that sins will die. Also the wages of sin is death not eternal conscious imprisonment in a place of hell. For we are not immortal as the Apostle Paul described, after life we cease to exist and the only way we can come back is to be raised from the dead like Yeshua was. For King Solomon said that the dead know nothing nor toil for anything anymore in Ecclesiastes. What G-D is saying is I give you choice between good or evil but if you choose evil you will cease to exist as you are not living up to the intentions of why I created you. And why should we continue to exist it we are not going to live the way G-D wanted us to live. G-D continues by saying, but if you do good (which now is just having faith in Yeshua as the messiah) then you will live and rule with him when you are resurrected from the dead.

  • Absolutely preposterous

    The idea that we could do something so grievous, to offend an all knowing, all powerful being to the point of ETERNAL damnation, is laughable. People who still believe in a God that has HUMAN emotions of anger, jealousy rage, etc are mentally equivalent to children. It's like saying, I'm God and I present your reality with all these choices to make, but make th wrong one and you will suffer FOREVER. Instead of just not allowing the choice to exist if it's so "terrible".

  • God does not punish sinners for eternity

    God does not punish sinners for eternity because God is a made up entity. Religion and God were created to control people, and throughout history they have caused so much more harm than good. Now that we have reached the age where intellect is encouraged and society is progressive, people are starting to realize how insane the whole God thing really is.

  • No He doesn't

    Everyone is a sinner, so God does not punish sinners for eternity. God does forgive sinners, and the death of Jesus on the cross was for all. All sins are covered. Sinners punish themselves by not living according to God's rules and law and grace. But there is no hell where sinners burn for eternity.

  • Forgiven or not

    It is a simple fact. When you die you will stand before God and face judgment. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as you savior, then all your sins are forgiven and you will go to Heaven. If you have not accepted Jesus, then your sins are not forgive and you will pay for them in hell.

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