• God is real.

    I believe that God is real. It is so obvious in the way a baby laughs, the way a wolf howls, they way the moon shines at night and the sun at day. When a baby laughs for a first time, something screams, "GOD IS REAL!" at me. When I hear a wolf, a thought pops in my head. GOD LOVES THAT WOLF, LIKE HE LOVES ME. HE MADE ME. AND THAT WOLF. And when I see the moon, I'm breathless. It's always there, shining in the dark, showing the way for anyone lost. So many hurting people on Earth need God. And when I hold a baby, I think of the magic that this tiny thing could bring so much happiness to so many people.

  • In my opinion,

    God does exist but not necessarily in the way that the bible explains. The majority(not all, but many) of religious people think that their beliefs are the only correct ones and that all other religions must be wrong. Although, if you take the time to study multiple religions you would realize that while they do have differences, the main aspect of them all is love. While different religions may have a different God(s), the question is are they really different at all? Do we really need to separate ourselves from each other, engage in war, etc. because we believe in different Gods that all represent the same thing in the end; love and creation? People look to their religion for their morals; the difference between right and wrong, when in reality we already know the difference ourselves by just listening to our own feelings. In my opinion, all of humanity comes from the same God spiritually, but our minds create these religious borders between each other. I also believe that if God created us, wouldn't it make sense for us to be a part of them? Is God really something for us to worship and look up to, or should we really just be taking care of each other; treating not only other people, but also our own selves with kindness? Maybe the reason we somehow know the difference between right and wrong even before religion comes into play is because deep down we're all connected through God; together we all make up God. Why do we get so mad when someone has different religious beliefs than us? We all believe in the same thing, just different titles.
    What the world needs is spirituality, not religion because religion is literally the cause of basically all war, but why?

  • Yes of course he exist

    There are over 250 amazing things in the bible.That a lot of stors to be made up by random people cues it wasent made up by random people.Plus when you look of how are rath was made God said lat there be light and thats what happend with the Big Bang theroery.

  • God really does exist.

    When you are thinking about God you have to look at it from a faith-based perspective.You can always use the Bible as a guidebook but in the end you will have to have enough faith to believe that God exists and you will have to use you heart and soul to confirm your belief.

  • God is fate that everyone belives in.

    This is a ongoing argument whether if god really exist. I would have to that God really does exist. There are lots of scriptures and documented holy books that has proven that God really did exist. Personally being a religious person I highly believe that God has a place here.

  • Should we blindly believe in what's written in the book?

    Scriptures and documented holy books are one of the main arguments used to prove God existence. This evidence however is very weak for the following reasons:
    1) All those books were written by humans - the supporters of religion. Don’t you agree that those stories can be embellished or simply made up?
    2) In fact, today it’s widely accepted that many things in the Bible is not true, e.g. the origin of man and the universe, and many things should be seen only as metaphors.
    3) There are other books, e.g. Koran, stating that Allah is the only God. For Christians the Bible is real evidence while the Koran is a misleading book. For Muslims the Koran is real evidence while the Bible is a misleading book. So who’s right? And why? Doesn’t that mean that all those books do not proof anything by itself and all you can do is to choose whether you believe in them or not?

  • God" or "a god?"

    That is the real question. As a Wiccan I believe that when you give something a name, you give it power. God isn't a name. It's a title. So does "God" really have any power? Their are many other gods-over 3,000 gods, not to mention goddesses and people only claim one to be "real"? It's a bit strange to me.

  • God doesnt exists! I swear on my own life

    You God believers Say that god is true and he exists with the "Holy Book"
    You cant even know god exists. You guys are believing in Miricles in that Holy Book that cant even give evidence and like imaginating. Just like a child reading a story book. And that who believes in god are people that dont belove in themselves but being a slave to that imaginary things. You guys are dump ya know. I've been a Christian before so i understand about those imaginations.Cuz they only believe in god but dont care about their selves. THOSE GODS DESTROY PEOPLE. THOSE GODS CAUSE WAR. SOTHOSE IMAGINARY GODS DO NOTHING BUT MAKING THINGS BAD.!! ONLY DUMP PEOPLES BELIEVE IN GODS.
    I'm 19 so please forgive me if i'm rushy at saying things.

  • Well I don't believe in God so yeah

    I don't believe in God anymore. I used when I was little but that was before I could form my own opinion. I am a person of straight facts and evidence. I thrive in math and science because it is solely hardcore facts. And you see there is no evidence of god. I mean religious people claim that bible could be considered evidence, but the bible is book from however many years ago. Any random person could have written it and made it up. It is not possible for a person to walk on water. Facts are bones we find of our ancient relatives. We are creatures of evolution, not God.

  • Does it really matter?

    I'm going to come out and say that the creation of a deity is an attempt to relinquish responsibility for our lives, the way our life is and subvert the uncertainty of life. The best way to live, in fact, the only way to live well is to accept uncertainty, understand we are responsible for all cause and affect.

    It does not really matter if God is real or not, when you consider things this way. If God created us in its image, then it must love us unconditionally just as a parent loves their child unconditionally. If God does exist, would it really crave for us to worship it? Is worship tantamount to being accepted by the non-being that created us? I would say if God existed, it would be rather cruel to force us to believe in it with blind faith, giving nothing solid to allow us to know it is real, just so it can pick out those "non-believers" from "the loyal". If you listen closely, it sounds a lot like things were changed by intelligent people to try and suppress free thinking.

    Time is precious and worship takes a lot of time. Worship your psyche, spend time understanding yourself which is something comprehensible and you will find true wisdom.

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