• Unfortunately yes he does

    The Biblical Go or the Koranic God or any other God effects everyone lives everyday even if the existence of God is up for debate. Theists use there god to defend positions which are not for the good of humanity and as such god does influence my life. For example, in Korea you cannot watch porn on the internet. The driving force behind this Christianity. Now whether you believe porn is wrong or right, is irrelevant as people should have their own choices.

  • Yes, but i'm ATHEIST!

    "God" influenced my life by showing me that he is non-existent. Also, people have made fun of me and all because of not believing in "GOD". So as an atheist, he has very much infulenced my life. Feel free to argue me. Good, question by the way! Cant wait to argue!

  • God influences my life enough to have gained my ears to listen.

    To believe the Bible is to believe it's contents are truth. Miracles can be believed as divine interventions of the almighty God, yet not believed from God. "Blessed are those who believe but haven't seen" God is love experienced by everyone. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one can come to the Father except through me"

    "I know you before you're in the womb"

  • God helps us

    I really don't belive god, but I think if we believe god, their might be some advantages.
    If we believe god, there are nothing that we have to lose, it means believing god is free.
    If we believe god we can have a peace in our mind, some people might said that
    God is not physical thing and it's not exist in nature so it can't influence in their life,
    it can be true god can be nowhere in the nature but they are in our mind,
    and it may gave us many adventages by just believing them

  • Yes yes and yes

    I'm more thankful.
    I have a sense of hope.
    I'm not feeling depression as I used too.
    I feel that God is there for me to guide me and help me.

    Great I have to write more... Yay

    God influences me...

    Just check out how Jesus confront hypocrisy
    how he touched a leper, the dead, how he spoke in parables, how humble he is when hee washed the feet of his disicples, he is the good shepherd, willing to die for its Sheep.

    He has a noble heart, he represents God the Father.

    God is three persons in one.

    Ok is this 50 words yet.. Im a horrible typer..

  • Yes Hes does

    To many people God is a concept. He is an idea, a theory, a way of understanding the world. Since He cannot be seen it is hard to believe in Him. After all, how can you trust something you can’t even touch? In school we learned that gravity exists by observing that every time we let go of an apple it falls. But there is no such ‘drop test’ to prove the existence of God. Yet, despite this lack of “proof”, many intelligent people do believe in God. Thousands of people throughout history have devoted their lives to serving Him, despite the fact that they have never seen His face. Ultimately this may lead us to wonder, does it really matter? Does a belief in God really change anything about our lives? Is a belief in the existence of a higher power solely a theoretical idea; something to be discussed at the dinner table with friends? The Bible is clear about the answer to this question. It tells us that believing in God changes everything about our lives. Accepting God’s existence is a life-altering belief, not only in the hope that it gives us for the future, but in the way God’s presence can change our lives now.

  • Yes He does

    When I say that God influences my life, I speak specifically for the Gd of Christianity. Although obviously I cannot prove this using science, I can support this through life testimonies of many of my friends, and relatives. When these people made a commitment to God, they immediately noticed how he appeared in their life. Many of them may have been going through rough patches, making decisions they regretted, living lifestyles that may not have been the best. No matter what it was, they all had one thing in common, the after affect of having God in their life. They gradually began to realize his love and through his strength were able to fix some of their life issues. These people saw him working in their everyday life, and finally began to feel complete. In my life, and the lives of these people, God was extremely influential.

  • No, and I'm NOT Atheist!

    People interpret good occurrences in their lives to be gods work when it's just a game of probability. Just like if I won the lottery I wouldn't call it a message from god it would just be a gamble of 1 in a million chance that just happened to be at the gas station when I bought it. Basically the principle goes with everything in life, you chose your destiny when you work at something for years and achieve your goals that you set for yourself, That isn't "GOD'S work" it's "HARD work."

  • I do think a lot about the possibility of there being a god..

    I'm not personally influenced by any organized religion (being an agnost), but I have a friend who is a very religious muslim and I can see that it makes her appreciate her life and that she is thankful, which is beautiful, in my opinion. I do ponder a lot about whether or not a god exists, but my daily life isn't influenced by it.

  • God does not exist.

    God does not exist. Any time in past he has had an "influence" over me has been at best, the concept of god, but was usually something perfectly natural being attributed to a supernatural influence.
    Some will argue that God makes them feel happier or safer. I would argue that they have no evidence to assume so, that they are ignoring other things that come with a BELIEF in god, including the ability to forgive YOURSELF for your wrongs by "asking permission" from a higher being, an increased sense of community (if there is one thing the religious know, it's how to produce a sense of community), etc.
    No evidence for god exists, and anyone who feels his "influence" is incorrectly attributing natural events that do not require a supernatural explanation.

  • He used to, in the worst possible ways, but not anymore

    God has entered my life during the weakest point in my life, not to save me, but to make sure I stayed there. He set me back for about 15 years. His perfect plan was for me to burden other peoples pain, to do his will. Which firstly, was not something I wanted to do. I felt better the minute i gave up on him.

  • No I don't think he influences my life at all.

    I'm saying that god doesn't influence my life because I believe that would too much power to one lonely god ruling over billions of people. I believe that there are many gods but they do not influence my life but that does not mean that they don't exist or have no power. I think they all have tremendous power and think they are always watching over everyone but not influencing anyone.

  • Morals and emotion influence my life.

    God is symbolic of morals and faith based, but the basis of religion and the essence of God is morality. An actual concern of others and myself, and true morals and compassion influence my life. The desire to be happy and understanding that how you treat others reflects on how you are treated, and understanding how it feels to suffer, influences my life.

  • No He Don't!

    I used to be a Baptist Christian, then I went nondenominational......Then I researched and furthered my education......This year of 2014 will be my first official year as an atheist. I can honestly say for myself that God(s) does NOT influence my life in the sense that I draw no form of inspiration from God(s), I do not waste the short precious time of my life worshiping God(s); I have more productive things to do, and lastly I am a free thinking fully realized human being who is aware of her place in the universe. I place my faith in science and human ingenuity. I need no god to supervise me. I know right from wrong and I have my own morals. Now the multitudes of brainwashed people and psychopaths are a totally different story.

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