Does god speak through our conscience (yes) or does the conscience consist of what we have been told (no)

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes; Gaea Hypothesis

    If we are presuming the conjecture, "God exists," and weighing the question of whether or not conscience is influenced by God or merely random environmental stimuli (triggering genetic predispositions to behaviour), perhaps we need not look further than Gaea hypothesis to support an affirmative stance on the matter.

    Empathy is the source of conscience. The stronger our connection with that which surrounds us, the more prominently our conscience resonates to or from specific models of behaviour.

  • If God existed in the first place, the world would be pretty fantastic.

    You base your moral values and actions and thoughts based on where and how you are raised. Someone in Baghdad at the age of 9 will have no problem shooting at people with an AK-47, whereas a 9 year old in Canada wouldn't even be able to imagine that. Our conscience plays a part on how we feel about that. In Baghdad, the kid doesn't show regret, remorse, compassion, empathy, etc. because of what he's been "told." In Canada, the kid would show all those traits if he was forced to all of a sudden shoot someone to death.

    If God really existed, both children would feel the same way. BUT I can't even technically say that, because I don't believe God exists in the first place, so to say what he would or wouldn't do would be pretty much impossible.

  • The conscience is a most fallacious guide

    It consists of vague reminiscences of precepts heard in early youth. Its never smarter then those who were around you telling you what is right or wrong. Its obvious that what we have been told is where the conscience comes from as when people are raised around slave owners they see no problem with slavery. When people are raised around racism they are racist. And you idiots think god is giving these people their moralities and they their will is gods will? Thats stupid and its obvious since you believe this that youll do anything your told is ok if you want to do it which you will if youve been raised around people who do it. Its a fact that the conscience consists of vague reminiscences of precepts heard in early youth as when your born in asia you think suicide is an honorable thing while if your born into america you think its a one way ticket to hell. Im speaking about the majority of people. Some people actually use their own brains instead of listening to people as horrible things have happened in history because people listen to their leaders and parents. Following your conscience is the worst thing you can do as your perpetuating old cruelties and flaws that we could otherwise be rid of.

  • Your Conscience is not Him:

    The major flaw with your conscience being connected to the divine, despite how intriguingly wonderful that would be, is that you can actually interfere with it quite a lot. Unlike elements which you cannot interfere with such as hallucinations your conscience is simply the intrapersonal dialogue you have with yourself.

  • My Soul is My Conscience

    I had a supernatural experience with my soul--"my higher self". It tells me that it is my conscience but is not divine. So actually my conscience doesn't consist of what I've been told--my inner spirit, soul, or "higher self" is my guide and the same goes for all human beings.

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Auragirl360 says2014-07-02T00:27:42.390
I am a Buddhist, so I have a different set of beliefs alltogether.
steffon66 says2014-07-02T00:35:54.777
So why buddhism? I never understood how someone logically chooses one of thousands of religions that cant all be true. Its like playing the lottery for salvation. Or whatever happens when you escape the cycle of life.