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  • A personal 'God of prayer' does not exist.

    I believe in the God that created the universe. The universe didn't have to be as marveling and symmetrical as it is; it could've been messy, it could have been random. Perhaps the universe is the mind of God. God is the principle of symmetry and cohesion, which is what holds the universe together. Perhaps we are tiny pieces of the mind of God.

  • Looking at it from an Omnipotent Being's POV, people reciting Prayers parrot fashion means I'm being worshiped by Mindless Idiots:

    There would be no pride in being the creator of nothing but mindless sycophants, who copy and recite prayers that usually are irrelevant to the situation and need of those uttering those prayers. Nice, well thought up individual prayers would signify that I'd actually created a creature of quality and intelligence.
    Mindless sycophants, ignorantly reciting "The Lords Prayer" as if it means anything, no thanks, there is no sign of worthy brain function there!

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