• It makes one lazy

    Going to sleep early makes someone lazy by decreasing there motor functions for a longer period of time, therefore increasing the amount of time to be able to wake up. This then lasts through the day. So therefore making someone lazy throughout the day. I need six more words so i'm typing this sentence

  • No, it doesn't make one lazy.

    If it's night time and you're tired then you need to go to sleep. That doesn't make you lazy if you're sleepy. There's nothing wrong with trying to get alot of sleep so you're ready for whatever you have to do in the morning. Even if you go to bed at 8pm and you wake up at 8am that doesn't make you lazy

  • Depends on when you wake up.

    I believe that my headline explained it already, but it does depend on what time you wake up. If you go to bed at 11:00 pm, and wake up at 7:00 am, then you are sleeping the same amount of time as someone who is. Say, in bed by 8 and up by 4. Though you could generalize and say that someone who sleeps 12 hours a night is lazy, but you would also need to factor in what it is they are doing with their waking time. Personally, my belief would be that someone who sleeps 12 hours a night and runs 6 miles a day would be less lazy than one who sleeps 8 hours and spends his 16 waking hours playing video games. To argue those ideas at this point, the term lazy would need a thorough definition. But you get what I am saying, no?

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