Does good leadership help in developing democracy?

  • Yes it does help.

    Good leadership is an important aspect in developing democracy in a country. If there is no good leadership, people of the country will be less likely to adopt democracy. Good leadership will ensure that the conversion to democracy goes well, and help eliminate and corrupt people from gaining any important roles.

  • It surely does

    Now let us take an example based on a lower level of organization. In a class, a classmonitor takes care of the class when there is no teacher in the class.If he/she has a good reputation among her friends, then the other students may obey/follow the monitor's words. In the same way, if the leader of the state or area or country has a good and famous person known for his works,he may gain good number of votes in the election and take up the government. After he takes it up, he can wrk for the well being of the citizens of his country. In this way good leadership can help in developing the democracy.

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