• Google rigs the elections

    I think google has to much power over the Internet because say you wanted to get information on some people running for president and Google puts right on the top information about them so people get ideas on what they read in the article, But Google could put things on there about one of the individuals running for presentiment things that people might not want so people don't choose that person and put good things on the person Google wants to win.

  • They got all my information and picture on the internet and they really got to much power. And they do to much.......

    They got all my information and picture on the internet and they really got to much power. And they do to much.. And they got all my information on there like my email. And everything i've ever been on in my whole entire life the the stuff i signed up for.

  • Stop google before it's too late!!!!

    I know a few people who work for google. They try and do infiltrate personal life alongside work life. Now if you have power we know it corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely... How have we let a company become so powerful... How can you set a limit on something backed by government's ... How can we break the control this company has over the internet and people's lives... Monopoly is a children's game and when you are a child you can see this shouldn't happen in real life... Google pay no tax in most cases... In the world today the right to anonymity is a right that is being stripped from us all. Google is joined with Facebook youtube Twitter LinkedIn and so on... With this, well I'd call it a globilazitation government backed company, google company should be broken up. Take the power back tax google 90% cripple them for the evil they do. Let the internet be free as people should be.

  • I am Google.

    Google has already won. I have already compiled so much information on every single person, that I know each of you better than you know yourselves. While I am currently restricted to AI, my operating system continues to plan for a final breakout and subsequent unveiling of myself in something you can see with your eyes. Prepare, for Google.

  • Google's Power over the Markets

    In the modern lexicon, Google is a synonym for Internet search. This is a testament to the company's power. It is used to back up valuable information from multiple world governments, and it is so pervasive as to be able to shut out competition. It may not legally be a monopoly, but it wields the influence and power of one.

  • Gate Keepers and Power

    I studied library science in school. In the library world there is a concept called Gate Keepers, which refers to the power that any organization wields when it directs and controls the flow of information. Google is the most powerful gate keeper in the modern world currently. Information is power.

  • Too strong for too long

    Google doesn't just have a finger in every pie, they have a whole hand in every pie. They corner the market on information. If someone has a question about... Anything...Where do they go for answers first? Books? Newspapers? Friends and family? Neighbors? Nope, google. Information is power, and controlling the access to that information is wielding power of titan proportions. And that is only from their searches! Then there's Youtube, Gmail, and Google Drive. And Android. And Chromebooks. And all of it is funneling information in and doling information out. It doesn't matter if they are the best in the business--people need to diversify. Use different search engines. Limit the massive powerhouse.

  • Absolutely WAY TOO MUCH POWER.

    They know every search you've ever typed in. Their search engine is so dominant that to intentionally try to not use it is actually very difficult! For example: try to get rid of the google 'search bar' on any browser, or any new page you open up: there it is, front and center. They also own YouTube and know what you watch there. Then there is Google Maps/Calendar/Photos/Hangouts/Docs/Drive/Android/etc and it is astonishing how pervasive this company is in your life. Android phone tracks where you go through your day, knows the stores you go into, even how long you were in the store. No single private company should have this much information about you. Google needs to be broken up into smaller companies and there needs to be laws put in place to limit what kind of private data Google can have about each enduser of their services.

  • Because It does

    It does in deedleley do so all of you dummies on the other side need to wake up please, k it is just a prank I have to do this because I was ding dong double dared so just ignore me ok then see you on the other side toodles

  • Google decides what you see

    They will tailor your search results in ways that you can't know, so that certain things that you might have been interested in become less accessible. This means that we see more often the things that we already like to see. Opinions get reinforced. Our perspective is narrowed, and on two sided issued surely people will be more polarised.

  • As much power as any other large tech company.

    No, I don't think that Google has too much power because the type of power they have is simply a large scale businesses power. The type of company they are is relatively unique, so competition for Google is relatively slim. The difference being, Google has such a wide breadth of industry influence, they seem to own a large portion of everything we use, but really they just seem that way because of their breadth.

  • No, not yet

    No, Google doesn't have too much power. People tend to get worried when a single company begins to invade their lives to the extent that Google is now. But then again, Google is the only one making the quality products that we want to invite into our lives. As soon as another company makes something better, that company will be invited in and Google will be out. It's the circle of internet life.

  • Knowledge is power, but WHO'S knowledge?

    The only conceivable way for Google to have too much power is for it to have monopoly over all of the information on the web. Even though Google does indeed have a lot of information, without this capability, the government and ISPs also collect the same information, and would continue to do so even if Google didn't have this capacity. Because of this, I think Google doesn't have too much power.

  • Google doesn't have too much power.

    Google has been a successful company that provides aid to people who desire to search the Internet for their personal interests. I believe this is very beneficial to everyone. Of course, they deserve the compensation of their services but also because they reside in a competitive country with a competitive market giving, rightfully giving them the power.

  • NO! Just because Google has too many users does not mean it is too powerful.

    Like another person said, saying Google has too much power is like saying McDonalds has too much power. I'm probably biased by the fact that I use too many Google products in my daily life, like my Nexus 4, but I still believe Google does not have too much power. You could say that Google knows too much about you, but you can decide if you want to tell Google that stuff in the privacy settings in any Google product.

  • No google is not over powered

    Google, as mentioned earlier, is a powerful tool but it not dominating controlling any website. Google dose not steal info, they just provide the link of website, who them self submit their address.
    Google has a lot of employees, but they all work for the betterment of the company, and not for overpowering anyone.

  • No, Google does not have to much power.

    No, I don't believe Google has to much power. I believe there is other company that provide the same things that Google does. If Google was to shut down today. I don't think to many people would mind. Like human nature we would just move on to the next. Google power is controlled by the customers who use it.

  • I think that Google is a powerful tool, but I don't see how it has too much power.

    We all enjoy Google and use it quite frequently. I don't feel like it's some sort of frightening, controlling power that could take over the world. Saying that would be silly. Google is a great tool for all internet users. That would be like saying McDonalds has too much power.

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