Does Google have too much power over private lives?

  • Google ignores complaints of harassment and defamation by cyber stalkers using Google websites.

    Numerous victims of cyber harassment and extortion have complained to Google about malicious postings or harassing content which was put on Google owned and operated websites such as Blogger and Blogspot. Google, on the other hand, does nothing about the complaints. Their help or contact page is a slap in the face to anyone who has become the victim of a cyber smear as the Google help page leads to a dead end on their website. Google says "Don't Be Evil" but allowing cyber smear and stalkers to use their websites is disgusting and flies in the face of a civilized American society. Google is laughing at victims by ignoring these complaints. Shame on Google.

  • Yes, Google has too much control.

    Some people are simply using Google as a search engine to find important information. Others use Gmail for internet service. So, an individual's everyday online activity could put that individual at risk for having their personal information exposed online. Google uses people's personal information to create ads that will cater to the consumer when the individual is using the search engine. While this is lucrative for businesses, it can be a major invasion of privacy.

  • Yes, Google has too much power over private lines.

    Many people use Google to conduct web searches, and they also use GMail as their personal email account. Google is obviously doing some snooping, because an internet user will find that a simple keyword search can result in targeted ads for a related item. For example, if you Google "bunnies," you will soon be seeing ads for rabbit rescue groups. Google should not scan people's information and use that information for other people's purposes.

  • Yes stop google

    Shut google down break google from social media... Stop the control stop the censorship stop the evil.. Stop full stop google capping the internet.. Help people not control them.. How can we stop this evil government backed company from taking our liberty's and freedom away for the love of god

  • Back off Google

    I am not sure I need all the help Google thinks I do. They have also made it almost impossible to navigate to what you want in their settings. I do appreciate their software, but I would like to control how I use it. Thanks Google but please become more user friendly

  • Deaf Ear to Cyberstalking Complaints

    Google completely ignored my complaints about libel and cyberstalking, which started to show up on my search results, despite the fact that I made a Federal Complaint and made repeated requests. So, they are pretty much "hardened criminals". Bing, or other search engines, automatically censored and removed such libel by third parties I had barely even dealt with, but Google refused to remove them, I suspect because it sells ad space and they can generate revenue through competitor cross-traffic. They are really an octopus of crime. The $25 billion in tax-evasion they've done with offshore accounting is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Yes, google has to much power over private lives.

    Google can mess up your private life. I have seen a Google images street view where the picture showed a police officer arresting someone in front of a house. I can't imagine the problem that the home owner would have trying to sell their house with that image. It is messed up.

  • Google has a monopoly over our private lives

    If you don't think Google has too much power over your life, try doing this: Try living for 1 week without your gmail/Youtube/google maps/android powered smartphone/google calendar (synched with your android phone's calendar app)/ google hangouts/google +/and of course you cannot use Google search engine. Or Google Earth.

    Google has very cleverly inserted themselves in the core of our everyday lives in every way, every communication, every search query, every maps query–pretty much your entire life is now stored on their databases. That in my opinion is too much power for one company to have over private citizen's lives. Especially a private for profit corporation.

    Google has in fact a monopoly on human communication in the new millenium, and like all monopolies too much concentrated power must be broken up.

  • Google was radical in its willingness to ignore standard social norms that protect US Citizens

    Google does not care about the average US citizen nor their families who may become the victim of a stalker or malicious smear artist using Google owned websites. Google should be forced to be responsible. It is time to push for change and make companies like Google see the value in preserving the dignity oif harassment victims.

  • No, Google has as much control as we allow

    It is irresponsible and silly to blame a company for having too much control. If you don't want to use Google services, you don't have to. Google does not control prices in the marketplace or marriage laws or even what search engine people use. A search engine company is only as powerful as we allow it to be.

  • No, power comes from those willing to give it

    Since when are we forced to use Google? I don't know anyone that *must* use a Google service. There are alternatives out there. Google has produced a business model based on data and statistics, and therefore has become very useful to a lot of people. This does not give them too much power, however. I can use an alternative service at the drop of the hat (and there are lots of alternatives out there).

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