• Just corporate garbage

    Buying out competition to force a product on people. If you make a product which is good enough and deserves consumer attention, the consumers will know that. When you create an inferior product, and then try to force that product on people. That is just immoral and wrong. Luckily, the market will always correct the mistake of corporate coercion.

  • Yes! It sucks like s---!

    They ruined YouTube! They destroyed the site we like and we will never get it back! Unless they get fired of course, but I doubt that will happen. Google should stay as a searching page and stop destroying YouTube. Why? BECAUSE THE COMMENTS SYSTEM GOT 100% RUINED! When I find them with Google Maps, I will go there and shoot a bazooka to their studio, and I don't care if its illegal.

  • YES! Yes , yes

    It's very annoying, it also sucks HUGE ****.


    I just don't like it at all. I guess some people may though... I wish this didn't have to be 50 words long. Honestly, I don't have much to say about this other than. I don't like Google Plus. Thank. You.

  • I think it needs work.

    I think Google plus needs some work. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it sucks though. I still use Facebook much more often than I use Google +, but I think it still has some value. I tend to keep closer knit circles on Google than on Facebook, so it feels more intimate.

  • Its not yet ready

    When it does get ready, I think this will be great. I find Google+ to be a lot more fluid than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to interaction from the way comments get updated to the way the site loads its stuff. I've used Google+ way before Google required YouTube users to have a Google+ account to comment. As a content creator in YouTube, I think Google+ gives me the chance to interact to people who comments, shares, or +1's my videos a lot faster than having to check my inbox to see comments.

  • Google needs time

    Google plus will one day be very good. Give it time to become better, which no one seems to be good at. I have also seen google plus take over YouTube comment section, which made me happy because I like google. What didn't make me happy was that people started rebelling against Google.

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