• Gossip is good for relationship

    Gossip in relationship makes you learn how to build your manners. In between good or bad thing, we may know how to create a good relationship. Sometime gossip in relationship between friends. Some of them doesn't like to accept if they do have a mistake, in other words "ego's", so they'd rather if they heard from rumors or maybe there's some gossip about it. So they can change and think positive of course

  • Only to be used to intentionally screw another person over

    I’ve seen gossip do more harm than good. As a woman, we’re taught that it’s perfectly okay to gossip as we’re supposed to be more communicative. It is only useful to an extent o for short term solutions like letting off steam if you really, really have to (and with someone who is trustworthy) but does plenty of damage in the long run. I’ve seen people lose relationships, careers, their entire lives while gossipers get off Scot free just because they think that opening their yak for abit of juice is their idea of fun. I would rather be called an abnormal freak than participate habitually in gossip just because it’s ‘normal’ for my gender.

  • Gossip does no good for any relationship.

    To me, gossip means telling people things about another person without verifying the facts or talking to the person directly. This behavior creates an aura of distrust in any relationship, since the person being talked about has not been given a chance to defend themselves or to dispute the story.

  • Gossip Starts Arguments

    Not only does gossip not help relationships, it is generally harmful to relationships. Gossip often disseminates false information and is often hurtful to the individual being discussed. It promotes misunderstanding and starts arguments between people, so in no way is it helpful to relationships. Open, honest and direct communication is necessary to improve and deepen relationships.

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