• Government Causes Poverty

    Because bad government supports poverty and they don't do anything about it such as give money to the poor and homeless people. Sometimes they don't support equality either. Overall, I think that the government needs to change or otherwise the whole world will go into poverty, and that's really bad.

  • Yes It Does

    The Government has a low minimum wage of only eight dollars and 39.6 percent of americans monthly salary goes to taxes so it a single parent works 8 hours a day all month only 775 dollars stays in there pockets. That is only federal and state taxes I have not included sales tax rent, car payments , property tax, estate tax I could go on.

  • Poverty is a Road-block to Wealth, except for Insiders

    We have to get past the idea that the government provides free stuff to understand how they create poverty. The government engages in legalized theft. Now, they are not stealing from rich people, who have the wherewithal to acquire the best accountants that money can buy, plus their pals in congress who create the loopholes needed so they can avoid paying any more than they have to. Yes, this same congressional body, who bemoan about big-business profits, yet somehow leave congress way wealthier than they did before being sworn in, actually created those very loopholes. So, who pays for government? That's right, boys and girls -- it's those with the least amount. Government adds overhead, and it ain't free. These costs simply gets transferred to consumers.

  • Of course governments cause poverty. Especially the left.

    Notice I didn't say create poverty because their not smart enough to create poverty but they do cause poverty especially the left. The left are in permanent need of a poor subclass in order to maintain power. If everyone is doing well, and it is possible for everyone to do well in a vibrant capitalistic society, the left could not seize power. They can only seize power on the backs of the discontent.

  • Government is responsible for education curriculum, and financial education is neglected thus causing the poor getting poorer in general, and the rich get richer.

    It is nothing wrong with people getting rich, and nothing wrong poor getting poorer due to wrong decision... What is wrong is people do not know correct financial decision, buying item on credit with inflated price. Buying a new car with low monthly payment but pay for it at sticker price (or more).
    Taxes on properties is completely bad especially for those in the middle class who are the backbone of the government. Even if seniors are not working, they have to pay property taxes. If they are working, they (actually everyone) shouldn't pay property taxes. Sale taxes is another sucker as if we don't enough taxes. Reduce government wages and benefit to match what the public are being compensated...

  • Public school system

    The public school system is failing students. These students then drop out of school and sell drugs or do other crimes. The public school system needs to be readdresses because tenure is only giving bad teachers a job for life and they are harming the students and their future. There is a reason most parents work two or three jobs to send their children to private schools.

  • Government creates poverty

    Many types of government creates poverty. Poverty happens when there is no jobs to go around for people to earn money; mostly because people do not have any edjucation or skills to fit for a job.
    These people or families are then forced into poverty, but I'm sure there is a government that changes that. (A government where everyone works for their own living, money is not involved in anything, but if that happened, that country would be discluded from the world, since world is based around money and jobs.

  • There is a Long History of Class Prejudice Here

    Government is in the pocket of big business. This country has had prejudices against the poor since its creation even forbidding those who were poor the right to vote. There is still war on the poor. There is this idea that the poor are lazy and avoid work, and this type of condescending attitude is what breeds hate and prejudice. The poor are not lazy and they do not want to be poor. Their causes are neglected by the government who cares more about the rich.

  • Government Does Not Create Poverty

    Economic systems create poverty, not government. Poverty exists and will continue to exist. I believe consumerism and capitalism can exacerbate poverty to any extreme, but these are more economic systems. They are upheld by our government but not of the government. People may cry foul when they hear the word socialism, but everyone deserves a chance.

  • It does not

    Government does not intentionally create poverty. It just doesn't. If you want to make the claim the poor have fewer rights than the wealthy, on a certain level that's accurate. There are poor that came from a history of poor that have very little chance at moving up a level on the income scale, but it isn't due to the government keeping them down. It's a long, often multi-generation process, but people can dig themselves out if they truly desire to.

  • But Welfare Perpetuates Poverty

    Governments do not create poverty. The people who allow governments to take their money without just cause perpetuate poverty in developing nations. The Soviet Union was one relevant example. In America, governments do not create poverty. However, when needy families require welfare and food stamps, Congress may help perpetuate poverty when families would rather get unemployment checks rather than do hard work to provide for their families.

  • No, Government Does Not Create Poverty

    It is not government that creates poverty, it is the underlying beliefs that shore up governments and cultures. The primary belief is that it is a necessary and righteous state of affairs when some groups have more power and goods than other people. The groups that "have" believe that they are deserving of their superior positions because they have earned it, they are the chosen, they are better than the "don't haves". Even the "don't haves" often share these fundamental beliefs or buy into the reasons that they "don't have" They are not as smart, they are lazy, they are an inferior race or caste. Governments largely shore up these beliefs and enforce their recognition, but the government itself does not create poverty.

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