Does government have any business instilling virtue?

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  • It is their responsibility.

    One of the principle policies suggested by Mencius to achieve good ruling is this: 'Let careful attention be paid to education in schools, inculcating in it especially the filial and fraternal duties, and grey-haired men will not be seen upon the roads, carrying burdens on their backs or on their heads.' (Mencius 1.3) It is hard to ask of the people to find virtues themselves. It is the responsibility of the government to teach and promote morals, to promote a culture of morality, with the final goal of attaining the Grand Union. (I would quote Xunzi 10.14, but there's no translation readily available on the web.)

  • Using force to instill Virtue is utterly hypocritical

    You maybe saying that we use force on the unvirtuous like thieves, murderers and rapists. But the problem with that assumption is that we are instilling virtue, NO we are protecting society from force. But in reality, Government should just stay out of social engineering, whether its conservative or liberal. I dont want to live in a world where religious, social, or nationalistic customs dictate our laws. Nor do I want to be forced to play nice. I honestly hate when Politicians speak of patriotism, when they get all moralistic and then want to use force.

  • Government Has No Business Instilling Virtue

    I do not think that the government has any business instilling virtue. People have different definitions of and beliefs about what virtue is. Some ideas stem from religion and others from personal experience. Because many of the ideas about virtue can differ between religions, it becomes tricky. I fully believe in the separation of church and state and parents should be able to teach their children about virtue themselves.

  • Government does not have any business instilling virtue.

    Government does not have any business instilling virtue. Instilling virtue should be left to the parents and guardians of children these days. Every one has a different belief system and ideology, and for the government to teach one standard virtue system would be to go against the constitution and the first amendment.

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