• More than unrest.

    Secrecy is demeaning. It not only causes unrest, it creates a feeling of helplessness and a sense that one lacks the ability to control ones own life, Secrecy is divisive, a method used to include or exclude people that leads to conspiracy, pseudo-science and sometimes outlandish, violent responses to blamed groups or races. Secrecy is the bane of contemporary political systems and literally thwarts further evolution of such systems. Secrecy is, simply put, power and control.

  • Secrecy causes unrest

    I believe that the lack of an opened and honest government causes unrest within it's people. When people are unsure of the truth of what the government is doing, they tend to speculate the worst. This is where conspiracy theories and revolution comes from. When a people do not trust that their government is honest with them, they proceed to attempt to change it. If a government is open and honest it usually means they have Nothing to hide. If a government is corrupt they stay more secret and can lead to civil war and fighting like Ukraine is currently experiencing. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt governments in the world and they are now a country in compete turmoil and war.

  • Yes, people are getting more restless.

    The people in the United States, for instance, are very tired of the inequality of opportunity that is causing so much of the income inequality. And the way the government is always doing things behind the backs of the people and spying on them covertly is only adding to this sense of unrest.

  • Secrecy causes distrust.

    Government secrecy can cause the population to not trust the government. If there is little or no trust from the population it can be difficult to get anything done. Even simple things can be a cause of concern because the population doesn't know if what is being said is the truth or not.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe government secrecy does cause unrest among the population. The revelations of Edward Snowden have been especially unsettling for me as one can think of many changes these projects make and the fact that they were done behind closed doors is devastating. Secrecy leads to distrust and that to me is a huge problem.

  • Yes, it does.

    The government regulates to much and has too much power. It is run by the rich for the rich and we are slaves within the system. There is too many lies and cover ups. I am involved with people who dislike and fear the government. We sure do have our unrest.

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