• Yes - it's usually the first step.

    Government secrecy is like a cancer that starts out as a tiny dot and grows until it becomes something big and bad. There's good reason why people in this country are clamoring for transparency in the government. When government officials do something that requires secrecy, the keeping of that secret over time will lead one or more people to cross the line into corrupt, unethical actions or behavior.

  • Yes, all secrecy leads to corruption.

    All types of secrecy lead eventually to corruption because when things are not out in the open, those with power or those who want power can manipulate things in any direction they want. So it is always better to promote trust by saying what you intend to do so that these impulses are blocked.

  • Everything should be transparent.

    Images of cigar smoke filled rooms and glasses of whiskey on ice pervade the American consciousness when thinking of secret government meetings. It is through these cloaks and mirrors that government officials are able to hide their actions from the voting public so that they can get away with far more than they were charged with.

  • Yes, government secrecy leads to corruption.

    The only thing keeping governments in check is that the officals are public. If people know about any sort of shady business going on in the government they can protest about it and voice their opinions. If governemt officals aren't checked then no one is stopping them from doing whatever they want.

  • The secrecy has gone too far.

    Unfortunately, it does. I am of the opinion that sometimes the government needs to keep secrets for the sake of national security. But the government has now redefined what it needs to keep secret, and it's being done for the sake of covering up its mistakes, not protecting its citizens.

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