• Haven't you ever heard of the old expression "greed is good"?

    Greed motivates people to want more. Thereby creating a desire to try harder and achieve more. I mean really, how does someone's personal greed hurt someone else? Just because somebody wants something and wants a lot of it doesn't mean that they hurt or will hurt other people to get it.

  • "Greed for life" sparks humanity's evolution.

    "Greed for life," ergo self-preservation, ensures the survival of both an individual and a society. Communities emerge because people share this common interest. According to Biological Evolution, a proven scientific discipline, humans adapt and evolve in order to survive in new environments (Greed for life influences physical development and progress). The will to survive influences every logical decision; logic and reason coincide with greed. Would you turn down a raise? By self-preserving, humanity is able to seek courses of advancement to build upon their fundamental foundation of survival.

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  • A great motivator

    Anytime someone wants to better their station in life and they are successful, more times than not they are accused of being greedy. Or if they should want to keep the fruits of their labor again they are accused of being greedy. In a free market you can be greedy but you can't prevent others from benefiting from your success. Whether it be the invention of the automobile, medicine, tech, or toilet paper.

  • Greed is the basis of every single civilization that has ever existed.

    Okay, in America, one of the most progressive civilizations in the modern world, there are a few main industries that have driven the country towards a economical success. Take for example the food industry, where a few greedy men sit at the top raking in all of the money. The insurance companies that make profits on absolutely everything, sucking in money to the economy. All of the big shots in the banking industry who are receivers not givers, earning millions for nothing. All adding up to a shiny welcome mat that leads into a house of horrors. Then look at the roman empire, focusing on a few men at the top that dictate the whole empire, controlling everything, sparing no one. They all want money and land which results in power and progress. Greed is the key to a progressive society.

  • Greed Motivates Unethical Resolutions

    Greed may motivate some to work longer, harder, and achieve greatness. After what, then what? You aren't satisfied and you begin to screw others over. Why? Obviously it's the greed that is never satisfied. This does not even count those that choose to step over people to get to where they are nor those who decide to start their greedy career through crime.

  • Greed as a statue of all our societal problems.

    Greed could not be described as an engine of good. Greed is a ancient testament, an instinct from a very dark age. It has no place in the future society and will prevent humans from evolving further. There can be no logical explanation for accumulating enormous amount of money, just for the sake of doing it. Collecting financial notes can be no superior to collective well being, collective intelligence and collective enlightenment. Greed is limited and very personal in nature. Concentration of capital tends to bend the collective wisdom and laws for personal benefit only. Concentration of capital in some people is merely collecting money with no public benefit. The main question when talking about greed is definition of what is good and bad in society and where the society must go. If selfishness, ego, lack of social interaction, inability to feel compassion and sharing are the true values in a society, then greed is fantastic measure of success. I believe for a future generation will be imperative to reprogram the human mind to fight greed as mental illness or addiction in order to achieve equilibrium and advance further in to a better age.

  • Externalities , externalities, externalities .

    Passing costs on to third parties . Greed isn't the desire for success. Greed isn't wanting to be fairly compensated . Greed is taking anything you can get by any means necessary . Greed is theft , extortion , and exploitation . It poisons a societies trust and eventually corruption will kill it.

  • Greed has stunted humanity!

    The way you see success is the big issue. Greedy people see a progress as gaining more power over their surroundings. It is always a battle of me vs them. Yes, greed has allowed us to progress in that sense. It does create motivation when things become tough but what works at one stage in societies development doesn't always work in the future.

    For a while now, humanity has been at a new crossroads in its development. We have a choice as to what the future looks like and one of those choices is greed, power and chaos. The other choice, which I believe to be the correct one, is to unify humanity to work on greater problems. Technology has developed to a point where no one needs to pay for energy, phones, internet many small goods and services. We have the technology to produce all this at next to no cost, however, these technologies have been discredited, bought out or ignored because it threatens the trillion dollar investments that greedy people have in those areas. Matter replicators are on the horizon. These can manipulate matter on the atomic level to create whatever we desire. Assuming everyone had one, currency would be I I obsolete; and with it a vast majority of the power that greedy people seek.

    The progress humanity needs, is to step off the neck of those with less money or power and recognize absolute equality. Once humanity is united, we can achieve far more than a few rich greedy people could.

  • Greed is bad

    Nowadays greed is not giving any technical progress, I mean it does, but in a bad way. Look at the nations today. Technical progress of today is aimed at making people's lives easier: so many gadjets that do your job. People are left only few things to do: eat, sleep and enjoy theirselves. We've created the "lazy generation".

  • Greed prevents progress

    By having greed, you focus less on the procedures and much more on the expected outcomes which might actually jeopardize your progression to success instead of lead you forth. Most people who succeeded were by their passion and not greed, like Bill Gates and Michael Dell. While greed in many drives them to the other end instead.

  • It depends on what we perceive as progress.

    -Greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort.
    -Progress is the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy, quality of life, etc.

    It all depends on the cultural paradigm. I.E. If the goal is for the society to become more greedy then certainly greed will motivate progress but the mechanism of greed is excess and that is a technical inefficiency so it does not motivate technical progress. Its all perspective.

    So why am I voting no? To me "ultimate" progress is through time so when I reflect on human history our short term exploitation has granted us amazing abilities and comfort at the expense of long term survival. I guess I don't agree with the cultural perspective of progress. The "monopoly game" is eventually going to all have to go back into the box and we will have to deal with our reality.

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