• Gun Control Works

    When we observe the amount of gun control laws in other free world, western nations we see that they have significantly less gun murders, massacres, as well as murders in general. For example in Britain they had 550 murders meanwhile in the US in the same year they had over 8000 gun murders.

  • Yes, it works in other countries, why not here?

    Other countries throughout the world have exercised strong gun control laws and proven that it does significantly decrease deaths due to gun violence. I believe in America we are resistant to gun control because we are resistant to just about everything that restricts our freedom. But we are reaching a time when we need to ask how much that freedom is worth, or how much it costs.

  • Gun control does not inhibit one's right to self defense.

    It's important when discussing gun control to acknowledge the intentional lethality of the weapons in question. To draw comparison, a knife, while lethal, has prolific purpose outside of its lethality. Firearms are constructed entirely for the purpose of lethal force. In situations where individuals bear arms for the purpose of defending their life, liberty or property lethal force is increasingly unnecessary. A thief or violent criminal is equally deterred by the modern, non-lethal means offered in the market today. To directly counter the NRA's opinion that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun", in fact that "bad guy" is just as easily "stopped" with a modern taser, some advanced forms of pepper spray or rubber bullets just to name a few. The biggest difference comes when that "bad guy", instead of just being another pool of blood, can now be detained, questioned, understood, possibly helped and at the very least subjected to the full force of law which is the benchmark of our advanced society. To conclude, lethal force in modern civilization is rarely necessary, fully antiquated and actually limiting to our ability to help and reform the causes of crime. Therefore, it is better to limit the overall availability of lethal force in society and encourage the proliferation of non-lethal options in order to reduce criminal activity.

  • Plenty of evidence that it works very well

    In Australia, prior to 1996, we had mass shootings every year. In 1996, the government banned semi automatic weapons and introduced a massive gun buyback initiative. In the nearly 20 years since that time, we have had no mass shootings. Not one. From one or more per year, to zero.

    I hear a lot of Americans talk about their personal freedom and right to bear arms. In Australia we consider ourselves to have more freedoms and rights than you. The freedom to send children to schools without fear that they won't come home, The right to walk down the street in a safe society.

    Of course Gun control doesn't eliminate murder, or crime but it has a huge impact. How many students can one person kill with a knife?

    Yes, criminals can still get guns on the black market but it is very difficult for them and the penalties are too heavy for them to bother. The average person with a mental illness has almost no chance of getting a gun.

    Anyway, enjoy your regular school shootings, gun enthusiasts. I'm glad I live in a socially advanced country

  • We need to end these deaths

    Children keep getting in harms way due to these guns. Just over two weeks I have seen so many kids who had procession of guns kill their parents. This unbelievable and it should be stopped just as all the people who commit these shooting need to be stopped. It's a shame that all of the gun fanatics have to be punished as well but all the terrorists also have caused our liberties to be taken away.

  • It does work!

    Check out other countries with gun control. Stup1d Americans!! I'm a multi-billionaires in my country, and still don't know how and where to get a gun. I don't feel the need to own one because people just don't shooting around here. Even poor thugs can own gun in the US. Shame!

  • There's an entire continent as a case study.

    This debate begins and ends with Australia. Nobody can say it won't work when it already has for another country. Look just to our north in Canada. Look at England. The effectiveness may be slow due to the ridiculous ubiquitous nature of guns presently, but it will work. Now, will any politician have the guts to push for it? That's another question...

  • It definitely works

    Just google the number of Canadian (gun controlled) vs American (not gun controlled) mass shootings. It speaks for itself. And in response to "It will not work The people on the left say that gun control will stop gun violence. WELL NO S***T. There are HUNDREDS of ways to kill people with a hammer, a knife, a rope, poison,a wrench, a good blow to the head just to name a few. Cars kill more people a year than guns do, lets just ban cars." The question is will gun violence go down, not all violence.

  • Yes, it has.

    It's important to look at other examples to consider gun control. I would like to look at Australia. I understand this is a different country and all but it did lower gun violence and prevent mass shootings. Gun control is not supposed to stop ALL violence but address GUN violence.

  • Yes, gun control works.

    Gun control is effective in all of the countries that have banned guns in Europe. Gun control is so effective that in some countries, the police officers do not even carry guns as it is unnecessary. In this country it would take years to remove all the guns, but we would be a safer country.

  • It will not work

    The people on the left say that gun control will stop gun violence. WELL NO S***T. There are HUNDREDS of ways to kill people with a hammer, a knife, a rope, poison,a wrench, a good blow to the head just to name a few. Cars kill more people a year than guns do, lets just ban cars.

  • Chicago

    Let's take a look at Chicago. They have the strictest gun-control in the nation. They had over 500 murders last year. They also have a 40% drop out rate in their public schools, that is completely controlled by the teachers union. Guns are not the problem left-wing politicians are the problem.

  • No Gun Control does not work

    There are so many guns out there as it is that attempting to curb the manufacture and distribution will only work against the law-abiding citizen. At the same time, the people you do not want armed are getting weapons. It is not fewer guns, but more guns that you want, and laws that people be trained to use them properly- that's real gun control.

  • Facts, Statistics, Logic

    As seen in DC and Chicago where gun control is quite prominent, their overall homicide rate is much higher than that of the national homicide rate, which is lowering each year. NEWSFLASH: CRIMINALS DON'T ABIDE TO NEW LAWS! So if you decide to ban guns you are only hurting law abiding gun owners.

  • Gun Control Doesn't Fulfill its Purpose

    Gun control is a failure because it puts up road blocks in the way of law abiding citizens. Criminals don't obey the law, thus the name criminal, so why would any law stop a criminal from obtaining a gun. Furthermore, passing a background check does not mean the gun purchased will never be used to commit a violent act or that the person themself or a family member will not become mentally unstable.

  • It works for the good people not the criminals

    Gun Control has long been an issue in the world. If you make laws to take away the guns of course the innocent everyday person will give up their guns. Think about it, when you take away guns from the average person what is going to defend them from criminals. Criminals that don't have anything to loose at it is aren't going to give up their weaopons just becausse a law says so right? Well that is perfectly explainable. Drugs are illegal in the US. Don't people still get drugs? Just because you ban something and make it illegal doesent mean people will stop doing it. We have no evidence of Gun Control working at all. Yes Austrialia's crime rate fell when the laws were past but in a few years it went back up because the criminals found ways to get guns. When you compare it to automobile accidents this is a fraction of the causes of deaths. The Government is trying to control the impossible. You can't stop crime because you ban guns. Lets see what happens when you take away the guns from the innocent and the criminals which still have guns just like they do drugs will do.

  • Criminals don't abide laws anyway, so gun laws aren't going to stop them.

    Gun control is a fantasy created by politicians and people who have unrealistic ideas on what the world is like. If anybody thinks that putting gun laws into place is going to stop people from getting guns, or is going to make criminals obey them, then they are being idiotic and idealistic. Statistics have shown that even some of the strictest gun laws don't stop gun violence, so the only thing we are doing is making the good, law-abiding citizens more vulnerable to the people who don't pay attention to laws, and who don't care. Gun control will only affect good citizens and for the criminals, well it just makes their job easier. We are basically telling them, "Hey, we don't have as many, if any, weapons here, so come and rob us!" We are not helping anyone except the criminals by using gun control.

  • It all depends on what you're working toward.

    Gun control is implemented by people who want to have control of all the guns. It works well to consolidate power, but I'm assuming the question is asked to see if it controls violence. No. Even if you get civilians to stop harming each other as much, that's just that much less of a guarantee that the new gun owners (police/military/gov. agency) will be respectful of us. Now you've got violence from the state.

  • Gun control is a failure

    Look to history. Who supports gun control? Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Qaddafi, J. Stalin, Idi Ain, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-ill. They are all big supporters of gun control. Or you can look at Switzerland where every male of military is required to have a military weapon in the home. Now if guns were really a problem then Switzerland would look more like Swiss cheese.

  • No it simply does no work

    I once supported gun control. It sounds like a great idea. Then you look at the statistics and you realize it just doesn't work. Yes, there are countries with only 53 deaths a year but when you consider the fact that those countries are considerably (some even by a factor of 50X) smaller than the US the statistic becomes meaningless. Not to mention countries with significantly lower gun circulation (like Brazil) can have almost 3 times the amount of murders per year than the US. The Murder rate is much more complicated than the amount of lethal weapons in circulation. I believe it is more directly associated with cultural/economic issues. I do not believe more or less guns will fix anything. We need to fix the conditions causing so many people to murder in the first place. Not the the availability of their weapon(s) of choice. This is a complicated issue and should be treated as such. There is no easy fix. We can not put a band-aid over a severed artery. This issue is not as easy a fix as gun control.

    To put 10,000 deaths a year in the correct perspective. There are over 300,000,000 people in the US. That means that 0.0034% of the American population dies every year from gun violence. To put that in even better perspective, on average 24,000 people die from the flu every year (in America). Have you every heard of someone killing over from a flu? Exactly. Gun violence is rare. In all honesty we should be more worried about the flu!

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