Does Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers deserve to become all of reality?

Asked by: mariel33
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers does deserve to become all of reality.

    Because of its being the definitive fusion, of escapism and of maturity, the sixth (fifth) instalment in the Halloween saga more than deserves to be the single facet of all existence that represents all of existence..

    Movies are the best of facets, horror is the best of movie genres, and Halloween 6 is a best of horror movies.

  • Does Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers deserve to become all of reality? No.

    If there is one roving menace that still haunts the world in which we live, it is the threat of possible attack from Michael Myers. There came a time when we at least knew what and when to expect such an event, bracing ourselves each All Hallow’s Eve for what seemed like an indestructible killing machine. Oftentimes we’d watch helpless as our babysitter, our teenaged sons, our fornicating friends were all shuffled off this mortal coil by the Shatner-faced villain and yet sometimes we felt the bravery to fight back.

    Now, we can’t even be sure when he’ll attack since he’s sneaking up on us at the end of August instead of waiting until the end of October. He’s getting sneakier, and that means we have to become even smarter.

    So, if you want to avoid being stabbed to death, electrocuted violently or thrown out of a window, take heed and follow Ways to Survive a Michael Myers Attack and get ready to keep your eyes open for educational opportunities after Halloween 2: The Second 2 sees Myers attacking us all over again (this time teaming up with Rob Zombie to make sure absolutely no one is alive or awake by the end of the massacre).

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