• Harley is the best!

    Harley Davidson makes the best machine out there. The heavy weight of the Harley bikes is a real advantage on cross-country trips, and the bikes last forever if you treat them right. They're easy to maintain and repair. Plus, no other brand has the sheer cool factor of the Harley Davidson brand.

  • Harley Davidson makes great motorcycles

    Harley Davidson is a brand that has been around for over 100 years and has still remained relevant. They are able to morph to trends and new technology and continue to make motorcycles that are driven and coveted by many around the world. Clearly, they make a great product that are the best motorcycles in the world.

  • Their quality is number one

    Harley Davidson has always taken pride in building its motorcycles, and refused to compromise this quality even when they went through financial difficulties and almost bankruptcy. They have continued with this type of quality build, and I think that means they still make the best motorcycles in the world, with the best service records.

  • Never will it be a good brand(read whole post)

    Kawasaki sport, super sport bikes for life. A cruiser is a semi on 2 wheels. Sorry, give Harley some credit. They got a cruiser ripped off some weight and called it a sportster, sorry i have to give it to them the Sportster is just so HORRIBLE and a disgrace to the name sport motorcycle. But actually, i have nothing against cruisers, just the sportster.

  • No, they don't

    Harley is basically building to a brand by now. They make decent bikes, but are generally riding on their brand name and image. There are other bikes built for more speed, better safety, and better looks, though the Harley Davidson image is still strongly desired. Like with other vehicles, there likely isn't an objective "best" brand.

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