• Harry Potter

    is showing people how to be evil satanic WITCHES. Notice that they call people in the book WITCHES. That is a sign that they are subliminally training people to use WITCHCRAFT. WITCHCRAFT is satanic. Therefore, Harry Potter promotes WITCHCRAFT and YOU SHALL NOT SUFFER A WITCH TO LIVE. Also, the school is called "Hogwarts School of WITCHCRAFT" showing that is obviously teaching people WITCHCRAFT which is SATANIC. In Harry Potter, the WITCHES went to great pains to conceal themselves from the regular, non-satanic folk. This is obviously a secret WITCHCRAFT guide that tells people how to be WITCHES and worship SATAN, while pretending to be an innocent work of fiction. Real WITCHES exist, but they hide well from us using information gleaned from Harry Potter, so that they can continue to worship SATAN.

  • Harry Potter is evil wrapped up in a sweet "feel good" package.

    This series clearly talks about demons: Slytherin, Draco and so forth. It teaches the dark arts with things like spell casting, astrology, how to put curses on people and astral projection. It is an eye-opener for the totally ignorant and innocent young mind about the evil craft. It creates a yearning to practice it with an exciting story about "normal" young people growing up and leaning about the world and themselves in school. However, it is a satanic school with teachers who are occult masters. These occult masters are made to seem so lovable, caring and sweet that it gives the feeling that nothing could be evil in this whole set-up. It entices the young to become occultists.

  • Simply put, yes and here is why.

    It is just pure evil, don't be fooled by calling it entertainment. Witchcraft and sorcery is real and is evil (wicked, ungodly). There are no two ways around that. Nowadays people are easily deceived, especially if you call yourself Christian and think that evil doesn't exist even in the slightest appeal, you are sadly mistaken. Great use of the title 'fiction' to present a real world of witchcraft that really goes on in our world.
    Keep your children from watching such films..

    1 thes 5:22 , Prov 16:17

  • Without a doubt, witchcraft is satanic

    Harry Potter promotes witchcraft which is satanic to those who have a belief in God. The Harry potter films and books has a bad influence on youngsters as it teaches them that magic is acceptable to perform as well as teaching them bad things such as the dark arts ,which I believe has a definite link to Satan.

  • Satan comes as an angel of light.

    The only reason all of you think teaching kids to cast spells on people is so harmless is because you haven't lived in a country like Haiti or Africa or many South American countries where witchcraft and voodoo have been practiced for many years and they know it's not harmless fun. Satan is suttle, years ago it was bewitched, a comedy. Today it is witches of eastwick, a drama. As one man from Africa put it "I don't understand, we have been trying to rid our country of witchcraft for decades and you Americans with all your education are allowing your society to be indicated with it through cartoons, and movies.

  • Not so much "promoting" as "using" it.

    Wands, spells, flying brooms are fine with me. What makes their books and movies dangerous is that they use real satanic invocations in them. Can you imagine the amount of children memorizing them, then playing Harry Potter with their friends, thinking they are making "make believe" magic?

    It is just harmful, and their author should know better than to teach real demonic invocations to children. That woman does not deserve the money those products cost.

    Buy them anything else instead, and tell them why they can't read/ see Harry Potter.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Harry Potter necessarily promotes Satanic witchcraft.

    Because witchcraft is necessarily pagan, and Harry Potter incorporates witchcraft positively into its plot-line. As one who has read Harry Potter multiple times, I can attest to its inclusion of such heretical plot devices as 'wands,' 'potions,' and -- ye heathens be warned -- 'broomsticks.' I'm incognisant of any tale that even approaches the level of pure heresy that Harry Potter spews upon the innocent minds of young children.

  • I would love to perform magic

    I think it would be awesome to be able to perform magic. I do not buy into all the crap that the anti harry potter people(or the frowning down of any book). I believe any book should be allowed to be read. If parents do not want their kids reading a certain book then they can exercise their power as a parent. Witchcraft does not exist. I also am in the belief that there is no god, a god figure maybe. If God comes up to me one day then I will believe him, until then science rules. Also the demonic invocations are actually derived from latin words that mean what the spell does, so if you think they are demonic you might as well call the romans a bunch of satan worshippers and devil lovers. If you think latin is satanic then I will openly call your church satan's church.

  • Google "oberon zell ravenheart the real dumbledore" and then try and argue that harry potter doesnt promote witchcraft!

    Oberon Zell Ravenheart opened a real wizardry and witchcraft school in 2004. It is an online school that teaches its students (who can be as young as 11) real witchcraft and uses the harry potter books as text books for certain subjects. Dont be naive. Witchcraft does exist and harry potter promotes it!

  • It supports the wiccan white witches view of old England.

    The wiccans of England, or Druids as some know them, were and are today just as the books describe them. They believe that there is power in the wood that the wands are made from. They also believe in incantations from a book of spells. There are master wizards, there are both good and bag magic in their beliefs. These beliefs are exactly what Satan wants us to believe if we have that bent for the occult. It takes away from seeing that one God is the the creator, and that his son died for our sins to bring us back into harmony with him. Nowhere in the series does it give any mention of God, hence by excluding him it is Satanic.

  • No, dont be stupid

    Im sure if the show was around during medieval times then all the idiots who believed in that superstitious nonsense would say yes, or if you are a literal christian dumba**.
    But there is no promotion of satanic witchcraft and it is for entertainment purposes only.
    Also there is NO evidence whatsoever that there is any such thing as magic or Satan so either way why would it matter?

  • Some Peopele are dramatic

    I had a friend whose parents would let them favor im watching Lorf of the rings, twilight, Narnia, in which apparently are waaay more vkolent, satanic and dark, some people seriously think these books are a freakinguidance manual to spells or something or as if it was giving us steps on how to do spells with detailed information, this is a STORY not a damn spell book....

  • Like seriously... What???

    How can a fantasy fiction series of novels ever promote something so horrendously nasty like Satanic witchcraft????. There is something known as critics and censors. J.K. Rowling is an acclaimed and celebrated author around the globe. I do not think she would wish to disappoint her readers by promoting such a thing. I hope this clarifies your eldritch doubt.

  • Harry Potter Is a Fantasy

    Harry Potter does not support witchcraft. Harry Potter is a book about magic used to solve crimes. The crazy accusations are ruining the book for millions. Not everyone wants to do magic after reading these books, and those who do are in a minority. Does Christianity support slavery because there are slaves in the Bible? No! I wish I could understand what makes you say this, but I don't.

  • Try reading before you judge

    I grew up in a Christian family. I attended church every week. I was very involved in my youth group growing up. I went to a Christian college, and I now teach at a private Christian school. Growing up my parents encouraged me to read. They read books to me, and they let me read books that I found interesting. When I was 10 years old I read the first Harry Potter book. It taught me what it means to be a good friend, to stand up for what I believe in even if it is hard, to help those who need it, to try to show grace to those who have wronged you (in the final book Harry asks Voldemort to try to find his last bit of humanity and show some remorse), and finally it is a great picture of the gospel. I am going to spoil the ending because when I say it is a great picture of the gospel, many times people don't believe me. The love of Harry's mother helped him survive when Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby. This love then protected him for years. As the final book comes to a close, Harry realizes he must sacrifice his life in order for Voldemort to die. He willingly gives up his life in order to save the lives of everyone else. After Harry gives up his life, he comes back to life. Now, Christian who argue against this and say that Harry Potter sends a demonic message must not have read the Bible. I don't know if you know this but Jesus did in fact die for our sins and rise again. J.K. Rowling has even said this is meant to symbolize Christ dying.

    Also, girl should look up to Hermione Granger. She was the smartest in their class. She was also incredibly brave, and she was never afraid to do what she thought was right. When the boy she loved left, she did not fall to the ground and stop everything waiting for him to come back (parents seem to have no problem letting their children read stories where a girl's entire identity is found in who her boyfriend is and what he thinks of her, so let's talk about how those books are bad examples). Hermione was also incredibly motivated to do well because she set high standards for herself. Hopefully, when I have daughters, they will want to be Hermione because she is such a great example of not finding your identity in men, and I hope one day my daughters will find their identities in Christ.

  • Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    You can only say that Harry Potter is evil after you have read the books, and thought about it. Do yourself a favor, and stop being prejudice!!! I know for a fact that people who think that HP is evil never bothered to do any research or to read the series. Do you believe that a satanic book will inspire love and bring forth the message that light always win? The witchcraft and magic in Harry Potter is only a vessel that brings the message of love to the people who needs it the most...CHILDREN...Using fantasy to stimulate the mind of a child and introduce themes like that is not satanic....It is wonderful!

  • Stop mixing fiction with reality.

    Those who made accusations that the incantations are satanic spells didn't bother reading the series and/or do any research at all to support their arguments.

    One or two words is used for each fictional spells in the HP series and they are Latin vocabulary words. A spell in real life is invoke by more than a single word in a form of a verse (thanks to one of my good friend of mine for pointing that out). In HP, the spells are not used to summon demons.

    I wrote crime novels about serial killers with investigation groups attempt to refrain the villains. The content was critically deemed unacceptable for violence, abuse, profanity, and other offensives. Does my books promote the encouragement for readers to become psychopaths? If you ask me as the one responsible for writing them: no. The target audience are those with a specific taste in what they themselves choose to read or recommended with self-consideration. My books are not meant for EVERYONE and I don't mind that. If you don't want to read it, that's fine, in return - don't prevent others from reading them (when they want to on their accord) when you don't ever read them yourselves or that you don't approve. My intention is purely to write fiction that doesn't follow the same tedious examples that already exist in modern reality, especially that's gone through a recycle plant of reusable ideas to include in synopsis (sorry but, ugh, vampire fiction). Writers have preferences to introduce readers to their fictional worlds like "Alice In Wonderland". Just entertainment and nothing more. I'm sure Rowling already stated the obvious multiple times.

    I found religious and parental groups to be blame for their attempts to ruin the imaginative and creativity by poorly not reminding their children that whatever they view in forms of entertainment: books, TV, music, video games, art, etc. is not real. Showing support for fictional creations is fine, but they need to be reminded that there is a difference between fiction and reality. It's no different to teaching children that there are no monsters hiding under their beds (unless there's an unwanted stranger hiding down there after breaking into the house, well, parents should take immediate action).

  • It's harmless fantasy

    No, saying that the Harry potter books bring children to satanism is ridiculous. All J.K. Rowling did was write a very fun fantasy series for kids, and now she is being accused of being a witch and turning children over to the devil?? Are you kidding me, people?!? Give us a break!

  • Premise of Good Versus Evil in the Books

    Harry Potter has an underlying premise of good versus evil. The evil magic or "unforgivable curses" are the equivalent of the seven sins. These unforgivable curses are illegal and frowned upon. Furthermore, any wizard caught performing evil or dark magic is sent to the wizard prison. In the whole series, evil never prevails. Furthermore, in the seventh and final book, Harry has three items which can help him escape death (the resurrection stone [a reference to the stone which blocked the entrance to the cave where Jesus lay for 3 days and nights], an Elder Wand [also known as the death stick], and the invisibility cloak) In the end Harry discards the stone thus discarding the idea of "necromancy", keeps the cloak and never uses the wand for any evil or malicious purpose, thus ending the line of evil and hate which it created. This book, if anything teaches about the moral responsibilities of power and the consideration of cause and effect, I must also say that after reading all seven books I have never learned how to do any magic good or evil. The book has, however taught me some Latin as well as provided connections to historical events such as World War 2, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. It provides readers with historical and moral context and does not promote witchcraft or dark magic in any way.

  • It is not "Satanic" You numbskulls.

    Witchcraft is NOT satanic, that is a Christian misconception. Witchcraft is more "Wicca" which has nothing to do with Christianity, so they don't believe in Satan at all. It does actually give us a view of "what if?" if the magic in Harry Potter were real. Its a nice story really.

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