• It does guarantee a better job

    Of all of the new jobs now being created, more than half will require education beyond high school. It's also worth noting that the fastest growing jobs are expected to require much higher math, language, and reasoning capabilities than current jobs.
    Job promotions are usually based on employee motivation, quality of work, and the ability to get along with others. But supervisors also consider whether or not the employee has a college degree; it's a sign that the worker is serious about the job, knows how to learn, and can achieve goals. Also, growing international competition has forced companies to emphasize sales and customer service, which means they are looking for employees with strong communication skills. Employers often see college graduates as more motivated, able to learn tasks more quickly, better able to meet deadlines, better at communicating and problem-solving.

  • A degree doesn't necessarily guarantee a job

    I have seen for myself in the world around me that having a degree obligates no employer to automatically hire someone. People who work in the exact same fields as their college major, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, tend to be a minority. There have been people that I know who have gone to college who work as custodial staff. Now, granted it does open up your hiring potential, but in the end it is rather macroeconomic factors that determine if the job market is more robust or not.

  • No, it doesn't.

    No, having a degree (of any kind) does not necessarily guarantee having a job. I think that the higher the degree a person has, the better the chance that they will be able to land a good job. But they still need to be determined and actually take the time needed to find themselves a good job.

  • It helps, depending on your age and degree.

    Many college degrees are worthless, especially those in the arts, and Philosophy.

    Many require that you get at least a Masters or a Ph.D to get any real jobs, e.G., psychology, Philosophy; and, then most likely you will get a teaching job, if you are one of the lucky few.

    Once you get past 40 years of age, your employment chances decrease, even with a college degree in business.

    If you are 63 like me, with a BS in Accounting and a CPA, CBA, and CISA, you will be lucky if you find a job at all, except clerking at a retail store for minimum wage. Age discrimination is alive and well in America.

    America is becoming a service orientated society, most jobs being created are in retail service that pay very low wages.

    You can thank the Plutocracy for outsourcing over 20 million jobs to third world countries for cheap labor for most of the job problems in America today.

    The top 1% of the wealthiest, the Plutocracy, are making lots of money, everyone else is losing money and is facing a bleak future with no hope for our children.

  • No

    No having a college degree does not guarantee that you will get the job of your choice. However the fact is the a college will make you more employable than a person without a degree. The unemployment rate for college graduates is about 2.5% than the US population as a whole. College graduated also earn, on average, 15% more that non-grads.

  • Having a degree does not guarantee a job.

    There are so many college students graduating with honors, and still having to work in Burger King or McDonalds, because there are no jobs available. I think they have a greater chance of getting a high paying job with a degree, but the problem is finding one. You still start at an entry level and have to work your way up.

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