Does having a low IQ mean you should be embarrassed (no) or determined (yes)?

  • Of course, be determined.

    Having a low IQ should not undermine someone's creative aspects and overall ability. Take for example, Forrest Gump -- a fictional, but nonetheless, great story. He had a low IQ, but he served his country, was awarded a medal of honor for it, co-founded the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and impacted many lives along on the way. There's no reason why anyone of a low IQ should be discounted purely on the basis of having a low IQ.

  • A low IQ should make you more determined

    A low IQ should increase your determination to prove the naysayers wrong. I find this diagnostic to be limiting and not always accurate. In many ways the test could use improvement, because I feel someone may rate low for any number of reasons, such as ADHD or dyslexia, but still be profoundly intelligent and able to overcome that disability in ways that IQ testing cannot show.

  • IQ Doesn't Tell Someone's Total Ability, Be Determined!

    IQ tests are standardized based on research done mostly on white males. It is simply not relevant to all cultures and races. IQ may tell whether you are good in certain areas, but it leaves out a lot of other factors. There are other types of intelligence, including art and movement.

  • You should be determined.

    Just because a person has a lower IQ than they were hoping for (and I would argue that IQ tests are quite subjective), does not mean that they should be embarrassed. They should love themselves for who they are, and should always work hard to improve themselves in any way possible.

  • No because what is perfect?

    When discussing IQ scores and having either a low one or a high one and the talk of embarrassment then one needs to have a bigger talk at the issue as a whole. The score of an IQ does not simply mean how smart you are how much you are not.

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