• Shelter animals need homes.

    Yes, having a purebred dog would make me feel guilty, because there are so many cute and sweet shelter puppies that need homes. Rescue puppies should take priority. There are so many who are stray they even shoot them in Russia. People should not breed dogs just to sell until all the orphans are cared for.

  • No it does not.

    Having a purebred dog in no way makes me feel guilty. Although it is purebred it has come from a shelter and was determined to be pure bred after we adopted it, and it came from a rescue shelter. In no way should anyone feel any guilt or shame from owning an animal.

  • Why Feel Guilty

    Having a purebred dog does not make me feel guilty. I bought a pure bred pit bull of Craigslist for $100 from someone who lived in an apartment and couldn't keep the dog. She was about 3 months old at the time. What's there to feel guilty about? Having a purebred dog is a matter of choice that may not indicate how you came to own the dog.

  • Why would owning a purebred make me feel guilty?

    I guess, it could be because if breeding farms. All we can do is know where the dogs come from to make sure we are not supporting the cruelty of animals. Many people breed purebreds the right way, though. They take very good care of the dogs until they get a home. As long as people are getting their purebreds from those breeders, then everything should be fine.

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