Does having an award to compete for undermine the artistry involved in the making of films?

  • Yes, even though the awards are fun.

    There are so many artists who never get public recognition even if they get commissions for work or are shown in various galleries or museums or performance venues. So it really just makes Hollywood a business rather than an art form when the Oscar Awards are given so much press and air time.

  • Competing for an award may very well undermine the artistry in film making.

    If a filmmaker is overly concerned with awards they may be competing for they could be sacrificing one of the more important elements.That would be the artistry they are trying to convey with the film.If they are just trying to get the vote of an award judge then the message may be totally lost when they try to water down their masterpiece.

  • No the award is recognition

    I do not see awards undermining the artistry in making films. The award is not telling the people how to make the film or the specific criteria for the film. Rather the person makes the film and then based on the film the award is given. The award rewards the process not influences it.

  • Having an award to compete for does not undermine the artistry involved in the making of films.

    Having an award to compete for does not undermine the artistry involved in the making of films. They work very hard to produce these movies and I feel that they should be rewarded if they are great movies. Everyone should always get something for their great work and artists are no different.

  • The films are made to try and make money, winning an award is just an extra perk if it happens

    The people making the films and starring in the films make them most always to make money. The award means a little more affirmation of talent or a indication the filmmakers and artists are on the right track. The artistry of a film is only there to attempt to make the film more attractive to the audience and sell merchandise.

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