• It is a distraction.

    Yes, children get in the way of having an education, because the parent has a divided loyalty. It is hard to meet all of the requirements of going to school while caring for a child. The vast majority of teenager mothers do not finish high school, let alone college of graduate school. Children just take up a lot of time.

  • Do it later

    Having children while still pursuing an education is more likely to suck up all of the time you have to be educating yourself, especially if you are doing it in addition to working. People who have children young, especially, are in no way prepared for the world that lies ahead of them.

  • Poor time management, not children is an obstacle to education.

    Parents may need time from education to get their life on track to continue or pursue more work, but having a child is not an obstacle to education. Many people are able to get degrees and educate themselves while still having a family. There is no reason that a child means you cannot get an education.

  • Children help education in many ways.

    Having children can actually help your education. I you are in school at the same time then family time can be the same as homework time. This will make homework time better for everyone and will give the parent enough breaks that it is not over whelming. Also there are things that people have forgotten and need to relearn that children can help with.

  • The only thing that gets in the way of your education is yourself.

    I have had several friends and family that have successfully finished high school and or college. For instance, my sister-in-law had children young and finished high school. Furthermore, she started college very soon after high school to study law. She now has a Master's in Law. Children do not get in the way of school or any other dreams, only the person gets in the way.

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