Does having children negatively effect a women's career?

Asked by: rosak1
  • Another thing to take care of.

    It's just another responsibility, however it supersedes all other responsibilities. It's no doubt that taking care of a child takes a lot of effort, and historically, women have been expected to be the primary caretaker of a young child. Even though society's progressing, that still ends up being the case most of the time.

  • Pregnancy resulting in children take up time and call for more responsibilities!

    Women's lives and careers are more effected by children since they undergo physical, emotional, and anatomical changes before, during, and after pregnancies. In fact, women are more likely to take off from work to care for children more than men. Specifically, women are more involved in domestic roles, economic roles, and mental health and well being roles regarding the child.

  • It kind of has to, doesn't it...?

    As much as equality is important, so is having children. If a person has a child, and takes more time away from work, that impacts what they offer to their employer. In fact, in many cases, since the woman is the one having the child, the man will work more to compensate so that the mother can concentrate on recovery and caring for the child, so that their finances won't be affected.

    Anyhow... The bottom line is that anyone who takes an extended period away from work disrupts their career path. It is a huge choice. This applies to a leave of absence for sickness, travel, anything. Being out of work for a few months, a year, in a competitive environment puts you at a disadvantage. Which people know when they make that choice. You can't hold someone's place in the hierarchy when they are missing out on a year of work, productivity, professional development, and progression.

    What would you propose? People stop having children? Encouraging people to NOT take advantage of parental rights? Encouraging women to make different choices so you can feel better about the numbers?

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  • Generally, it does.

    Although having children won't necessarily affect a woman's career negatively, it generally does. Some people are better at juggling their time and responsibilities than others, but having a child takes a whole lot of time and effort which might conflict with a career (which also takes a whole lot of time and effort). Pregnancy takes a physical and emotional toll on a woman, and it most likely also take a toll on her career.

    Posted by: mgsm
  • Hopefully, some women don´t think so.

    Society needs children. Women too.

    Women and men need something to work (or live) for.
    This "something" is usually called family.

    At the end of their lifes, all the "career" concept remains an empty bag.

    Moreover, having somebody to fight for (more than the egocentric oneself) can be a great career stimulus.

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Episteme says2015-04-12T22:52:21.303
I agree that in today's day and age having children would take time away from a job and a career. However, I don't think it should negatively effect a woman's career. They should be able to continue work from where they left off. They're no less qualified since they had a child.
Stefy says2015-04-12T23:28:19.987
It doesnt have to. We live in a sexist country where companies give no paid maternity leave and often even fire women for pregnancies. We treat women worse if they have a baby. Also we assume its going to every time be the woman who stays at home.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-13T06:17:52.997
Whether it negative affects a woman's career probably depends on the job... If she has a sexist boss, certainly.