Does having more of the opposing team's fans at a football game, like the recent Cowboys vs. 49ers game, affect how the home team plays?

  • The Loss of Home Field Advantage at Home is Worse

    Nothing is more disheartening to a home team than to have less support than expected in their own home stadium. It is even worse for a team like the Cowboys, who are used to having significant support on the road as well as at home. Athletes can suggest that they don't hear the crowd, but they most certainly do.

  • Supporting Opposng Team`s Fans Demottivate Home Team Players

    Audience can be a big motivator.The noisy, supporting audience thrills the players, doubles their efforts to win the game and demotivates the opposing team players. Recent Cowboys vs. 49ers game is a close example of the above. Unfortunately, the Cowboys played a home game, where the stronger support was for the guest team.

  • It doesn't affect them

    Sports teams are trained to play as hard as they can no matter where they play. The coaches push their players to there limit and jf f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f

  • No, I dont think the home team plays any different.

    No, I don't think the home team plays any different. I really think teams play basically the same at home no matter what the fan base. I really feel that the crowd often has little effect on the game itself. I think if the crowd shows up for another team then it just does not make much a difference at all.

  • Fans Cheer for Jerseys, Players Play for Money

    The constant movement of players from team to team in the NFL reinforces the notion that most players have little loyalty to the city they play in or for the fans that cheer them. That a game might be attended by a large number of the opposing teams fans has little bearing on the ability of the players to execute the game plan they spend countless hours practicing.

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