Does having more than 4 kids in a family a good thing?

  • It will help the world population.

    If you have only 4 kids you may only just put 2 extra people in the world. But if you have like 6 or something you will be adding more people into the world. This will also help so that there are more people to do jobs when they grow up.

  • Human beings tend to give births

    Having more than 4kids is not a problem at all. If you think that we have no enough space to live, you are wrong, bco with increase in technologies we will be able to live alright in those infinite planet we are still discovering. I urge people to increase their kids to 10-12 , some of them will become great scientist and move the world to an unimaginable level. Thank you

  • The world is already vastly overpopulated

    There is already way too many people on earth, and we're running out of all of our resources. Having that many children per family would destroy us. By choosing to adopt instead of reproducing, we would be giving children homes while still saving our earth. Save the earth, don't give birth!

  • This Would Destroy Us

    Overpopulation is a HUGE problem among our society. We do not have the space nor the resources to accommodate the population as it grows exponentially. As it stands, we already have millions homeless, and this will only get worse as people die faster than they're born, and we run out of supplies to be able to take care of people. The advocate for the Yes side, @enochadnerson1410, so exquisitely stated "There are more people to do jobs when they grow up". This is true, however, unemployment is an issue already. No one's having a problem with finding someone to fill a job. We cannot have people reproducing 4 a piece.

  • Overpopulation is a problem!

    The world is already over populated. Even if we can travel to another planet, we would just over populate that planet as well. The cycle would just keep on happening over and over. Even if it is just four kids through time, that will add up and soon will be millions and then whats next???

  • More Births= Overpopulation = Disater

    Right now the worlds population is over 7.4 billion humans (June 2016) . This number constantly grows everyday. The Earth is not getting any bigger to hold our ginormous population. Having more that 4 kids does not seem like a lot but once millions of families have more than four children it adds up fast. The reasorces to make sure that all people can life a healthy and comfortable lifestyle does not add up. We already lack many reasources and how are making supplements for them. (i.E. Gasoline powered cars to electric powered) . Overall we need to protect our Earth, and living/non-living reasources and wildlife that we live with. Having more and more kids will not fix this problem of overpopulation.

  • It's already over populated

    It will create a over population (even more so then already). Also the finance of having 4 kids will course a lot of problems with in the family. Also we don't have the space and resources to keep the world in healthy supply of water and food so why increase that!!

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