• Yes, HBO provides the only cable content I'm willing to pay for: Game of Thrones

    I pay for HBO for one series, Game of Thrones. I find this show to be the most well-written and well-produced content on television. It makes my subscription worth every penny and is a bargain when compared to a night at the theatre or symphony. It is the only show that i eagerly anticipate, and that brings my friends and family together for viewing parties. Because HBO produces Game of Thrones, it gets my vote for the best cable network.

  • Yes, HBO broadcasts a bevy of quality series, documentaries and films.

    Yes, HBO deserves to be called best cable network again. It is my opinion that HBO shows the most interesting and thought provoking original series and documentaries on cable television. Television series such as Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective offer viewers captivating stories, top-notch acting and high-quality production. The original VICE news documentary series, created by VICE CEO Shane Smith and produced by Real Time TV Host Bill Maher, has provided viewers with investigative reporting and groundbreaking international news coverage. HBO is showing its leadership through a live streaming platform so viewers can watch shows and movies on devices other than televisions in real time.

  • Yes, as long as it's strictly about cable.

    HBO has most of the worthwhile productions available. Granted, they don't have the market corned, but HBO consistently produces high quality programming with amazing scripts, wonderful acting, and fabulous sets and production. Other cable networks have one or two programs that get high ratings, but they don't come close to the buzz around Game of Thrones or other major HBO productions. Now if HBO will only tone down some of the adult content in their productions, they will have an even wider audience.

  • Is HBO the Best cable network!

    I do not feel that HBO is the best cable network, however they do have some really great shows and movies that only they air. However some of the other movie network have some pretty great selections as well.. I do feel that HBO is one of the best, but I feel all of the movie networks play their part.

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