Does heavy metal music cause violent tendencies

Asked by: skyler743
  • It is science

    Music in general can change your mood. Your prefrontal cortex changes based on sounds and determines impulses. Heavy metal music is typically very loud and obnoxious, meaning your prefrontal cortex will determine that the music is making you on edge. Studies have shows that loud music can effect your state of mind. It is simply Nurture with Nature on this one. OP is biased in his views.

  • It is simple science.

    Music effects your prefrontal cortex, the area that helps process emotions and decision making. This part of the brain is trained to determine that loud sounds will make you on edge, due to human development. OP is clearly biased in his views and is trying to give himself a sense of pathos from himself. He is completely disregarding science.

  • Nah probably not

    Performers like Slayer, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson (among others like Megadeth) have all been the proverbial scapegoat in numerous suicides. Many parents of victims have brought bands to court, claiming that backwards messages (messages heard when music was played in reverse) and blatantly aggressive lyrics were the cause of their children's violence and/or suicide. This was often to no avail, however. Most cases were thrown out, whether it was due to a lack of evidence or the "Freedom of Speech" amendment.

  • Let me just ask you this

    First off you said that music does effect your dicisions and that might be true but you have not provide any sientific studies nor any examples of murder, sexuall assult, or just violence in genral caused by heavy metal. Therefore your arguments are supported an even if you found a case of violence and the person listened to heavy metal you have no eidence that this guy was caused to do this by heavy metal. Peace out :)

  • It influences emotions, but the person ultimately makes his or her own choice.

    It influences emotions, but the person ultimately makes his or her own choice. Music does affect the chemicals in our brain but so does many other inputs. A human can resist their own emotions. No matter ho big the emotional pressure is, some people can resist it and choose no to be violent, ask MLK.

  • Metal music doesn't cause violent tendencies

    Yes for some people it will give you an angry feeling but that feeling always passes. Also it is extremely good to listen to while you work out. There are also multiple types of metal you can listen to. There is uplifting metal like Demon Hunter. There music talks about being a better person and helping people. But there is also bands like slipknot who's lyrics are pretty dark and will get you angry. But i still don't think it will lead you to violent tendencies.

  • Causes quite the opposite.

    While metal music, Lyrics, And vocals may sound obnoxious to some people, It actually heals more than hurt. In fact, According to a study at Macquirie, It may not hurt at all. I believe that metal music does not cause violent tendencies since a metal song is simply that. A song. Actually, Apparently, Country music is much more likely to cause even depression / suicide.

  • It makes you calmer.

    I'm not the only one saying this, Heavy metal/thrash, And others metal generes makes you calmer than you already was. It helps you control your anger. Even if you listen to Slayer you'll be calmer or ready to headbang and make a moshpit. By the way, Not let anyone decide what you can listen or not.

  • No correlation between HM and violence

    It may help angry people release aggression without physically hurting anyone, but usually they will end up feeling better than they previously were. Although it's a form of anger management, some people blame heavy metal for violent behavior and decisions. However, most people simply end up using it as a hobby.

  • As an Iron Maiden and Sabaton fan, this question upset me

    How? Most heavy metal deals with either history or playing heavy metal. If you picked yes, you are so narrow-minded. Have you listened to Iron Maiden? Have you listened to Sabaton? If you haven't and have the guts to say yes, then stop being so shallow!! Why be shallow? Why?

  • It does the opposite

    We cannot say ALL metal has pure meaningful lyrics to make us calmer, but most of it really does. People say all this "screamo" just says "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" but if they have ever heard a metal song they would know they are wrong. It makes me a a lot calmer, I am a dedicated fan and i never feel violent, in fact i am a very passive person

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