Does heredity influence the actions of a person throughout their life?

  • Our ancestors determine some of our actions

    Heredity influences the actions of people throughout their life, because just like the size of our hands or the color of our eyes, body language and actions are at least partially due to heredity. If we were able to look back on our ancestors 200 years ago, we would see them doing some of the same affectations and routines that we have today.

  • Heredity influences almost everything.

    Heredity does influence the actions of a person throughout life. For example, addictions such as alcoholism can run in families. Mannerisms and ways of acting are often similar in families. This is party because of the environment, but heredity also plays a role. It is possible because brain function and growth, like all other parts of the body, is genetic.

  • In our genes

    Yes, what we get from our ancestors has a huge influence on the way we act our entire life, whether you think so or not. If you look closely, you will see that you do things that even your grandparent might have done, and especially will see things your parents done.

  • More than most think

    There is a big trend today to believe that all people are blank slates, an old idea that has recently been gaining even more ground. People are a combination of environment and heredity, but the environment doesn't create personality - it simply refines what is already present at the time of birth.

  • Heredity does not affect your behavior

    Your behavior is based off of your environment. Heredity only affect you when it comes to any physical features, onset or lack of a disease, etc. Heredity is based off of 23 pairs of chromosomes that you get from your parents. The chromosomes determine your eye color hair color, etc. not your behavior.

  • Experience is a Better Teacher

    Experiences probably influence people more throughout their lives. Genetics are only part of the growth process. If someone has a genetic predisposition for a disease, then genes probably play a bigger part in someone's life. Still, how someone deals with that disease can be borne out in an experiential way.

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