• Yes, high school can be good at preparing kids for college.

    High school can be good at preparing students for future college work. Among the things high school has in common with college, it typically has a very heavy homework load. College is largely self-instructed, often with more done outside of the classroom than in, including major projects and papers. Another helpful aspect to high school is that high school students are typically allowed to choose the classes they take, having to meet certain requirements. This is also how college is run. There are various things high school can't teach, like living on one's own. But the structure of high school is somewhat similar to college.

  • High school students are ready for high school

    Due to new technology and tutoring options children in today's society are ready to attend high school. In 2010 a study done in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada provide that of 78 percent of children in grade twelve that are proceeding into University feel they are ready. After going back two years later only 7 percent of these students have dropped out or left university.

  • Most things are slow and handed to you in HS.

    Classes move at a slow pace compared to college. In College, Professors don't always tell you what important information so you must learn to teach yourself some things. You can't get extra help from the professor like you could your teacher in HS. Not to mention living independently isn't something my personal finance class taught very well. Perhaps I just had a poor experience.

  • Not showing the real college

    As a high school student I feel as if m school is not preparing me for college. In my school we have a retake system where you can retake any test up to 3 times. This is not realistic because that NEVER happens in college. Due to our retake system it is as if our gpa means nothing. Also, the work is far from challenging, for a lot of kids you can get by with a B or even an A with barely studying or doing homework. My school also puts a heavy emphasis on sports and not academic achievement. There are countless awards and chances of being recognized for performing well in athletics but hardly any in academics. This causes students to not care about their schoolwork as much and it breeds a lazy bunch of students. Needless to say you CONNOT be lazy and "get by" in college.

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