Does High School prepare you for the real world?

Asked by: Kitty.29
  • High School prepares for real life

    Multipling, Reading and writting are necessary to live in a society. Foreign languages help everyone to communicate with people from different parts of the world. High School provides us with knowledge about how the goverment works, How the administration functions and how to pay the bills

  • What's the difference.

    Between the real world and the unreal world. We are born and we die and fill the days in between with all sorts of stuff and nonsense. We are consciously aware and we perceive what we perceive and what we perceive is real enough as long as we remain conscious. Where we are and what we do has no bearing on the reality of everything.

  • School is just a waste of seven priceless talk.

    I am a sophomore (10th grade) in High School.
    My mandatory classes are math, Science, History and English
    my other classes are ac lab mind skills and band*
    I hate essays and will never use them for a future job
    Math is as easy as + - x / Add Subtract Multiply and Divide.
    Learned in elementary. Plus we have phones to do the other math.
    I have no real education of how to save enough money to buy a house of a car or what tax is or financing is not even how to get a loan.
    I have no money and have payments to make school. HOW DO I PAY FOR THIS? !
    *(mind skills and band) I like these classes

  • No, It really doesn't

    High school teaches very few life skills, And rather a lot of theory you probably will not use in life unless you become a historian, An architect or a mathematician. High school should teach more hands on and real life situations to actually prepare people for the future if they really want students to be prepared in life.

  • Add more required classes.

    High School, And school in general, Is intended to do just that, Prepare you for life after school, In the real world. In the distant past, What the schools did not cover, The parents did as they had more time to teach basic household and other skills. Today, Things are much different. Now, Both parents, When both are available, Need to work and sometime multiple jobs. This leaves gaps in what a child should know by the time they graduate. Thing is, This can be easily corrected.
    Back when I was in school, And girls still wanted to be housewives, Schools offered what was called home ec. , At least that's what my school called it. Basically, It was classes focused around cooking, Sewing, And other typical housewife tasks. Not surprising, The vast majority of students where female. What we could do is make these classes mandatory. Maybe not so much with sewing but defiantly cooking. You would also want to add parts with minor DIY home and auto repair, Finances such as how to balance accounts and make a budget. Basically, We could require kids to take classes to fill in for things the parents don't have time to teach them.
    Some things are not so easily fixed, But that I can leave for another time. It's already becoming an essay. Lol

  • No it doesn't

    I agree. The issue is that they do not prepare you for the real world. Most people coming out of high school didn't know anything about credit cards, Bills, Credit score, Etc. Although, I see how perhaps an argument could be made that your parents should be teaching you these things.

    Beyond bills and credit, Though, High school still just doesn't really matter. I nearly flunked out of high school (had about a 2. 1 GPA). I got my crap together and went to community college for my AA and came out on presidents list every semester and got my degree with a 4. 0 GPA. This new GPA allowed me to get into one of the top rated private liberal arts colleges for my bachelors on a full ride, And then allowed me to go on to get my master's degree from one of the top colleges in the respective field in the USA.

    And this was NO thanks to high school, Because my GPA showed how little I cared. The social aspect doesn't help that much with high school either. The social crap that goes on in high schools is honestly far removed from the real world. No one in a career acts like any of those cool kid baboons. So even the social lessons that people rave about school are just okay, Nothing that great.

  • High school does not prepare for the real world

    High schools often talk about college this, College that, You have to go to college. They always talk about preparing you for life and college but they never actually do. The should be teaching how to use a credit card smartly, And doing taxes and teach us the math we will actually use in life. Teach us stuff like how to avoid bad interest rates and how to pick a good health insurance. They teach this in college but not every body goes to college and these are things every one needs to know.

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