Does Hillary Clinton believe the Second Amendment should be abolished?

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  • She has never even suggested it.

    Hillary Clinton has been consistent in her approach to gun control in the United States. While she believes that the current regulations are not in the best interests of American people she has always maintained that the people have the right to bear arms. All she has said is that she believes there should be more common sense behind the law.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The addition of the word essentially doesn’t change the accuracy of this claim. We found no evidence of Clinton ever saying verbatim or suggesting explicitly she wants to abolish the Second Amendment. The bulk of her comments suggest the opposite: She wants to enact stricter gun control, but has no objection to responsible gun ownership.

  • No, Hillary Clinton does not believe the Second Amendment should be abolished.

    No, Hillary Clinton does not believe the Second Amendment should be abolished, she simply understands that there is room for improvement. Too many innocent people are killed because of gun violence, and we need to close the loopholes that put guns in criminals' hands. She wants reform, not to abolish it.

  • No she does not.

    No, Hilary Clinton clearly stated during the last debate that she fully supports the 2nd Amendment. She said that the amendment can be upheld while implementing common sense legislature that prevents the over 33,000 gun-related deaths each year in the United States. I agree with her that laws need to be passed and action must be taken to prevent all these deaths, so many of them children.

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