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  • No, Hillary Clinton appears to be using many of the same tactics as she did in 2008.

    Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign has proven that it is no better than her campaign eight years ago. Many believed that her nomination as Democratic presidential candidate was inevitable on both occasions; in 2008, she lost to Obama, and in this election, Clinton is struggling to reach voters who are more attracted to Bernie Sanders' platform. Unprepared for upsets on both occasions, Clinton is running negative ads against Sanders as she did in 2008 against Obama.

  • No, Hilllary Clinton has a worse strategy today than she did in 2008.

    Hillary Clinton is yet again blowing another Democratic nomination that was viewed by many as "inevitable". Her strategy is not working, as evidenced by very tight race for the Democratic nomination. Early on, Hillary was polling with a huge advantage over Bernie Sanders, but now that has all but disappeared.

  • No, it doesnt look like Clinton has a better strategy this time

    Hillary Clinton's path to victory involves winning the voters she lost in 2008. And Bernie Sanders's path to victory depends on winning the voters Hillary Clinton won in 2008. This could prove to be a losing strategy for Clinton. Moreover, she is now more concerned towards providing justifications around her e mail controversy.

  • She Keeps Slipping

    I was so excited when Hilary Clinton threw her hat into the 2008 presidential election ring, and then suddenly her campaign stopped being about what she could do in the position and turned into nothing but mudslinging against the other candidates. This election is a million times worse. So many scandals against her and she does nothing to confront it and explain herself.

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