Does Hillary Clinton have a unfair advantage in the election?

Asked by: greatkitteh
  • Without a doubt Hillary is being given an advantage

    With the media on her side, She has an obvious advantage. The media will not ask her the hard questions, or drill her the way they would a Republican. By the media not "Pressing" her, she gets away with lying, cheating, and selling this country out for personal profit.
    Her and bills foundation "screwed up" their taxes and now she has to go back and account for over 1,000 omitions of donations. Do you remember when Dirty Harry lied about Romneys taxes and the media was all over him?

  • Yes she does

    The mere fact that she is getting backed by feminists for her gender is unfair and unjust. I am against Hillary Clinton, and others like me are considered haters of women. In reality, Women already have equal rights, they are getting more. Why is it bad for men to hit women for example? Women can hit men easily, but when the males do it, they get worldwide hate! Not only that, but rationally, since it HAS BEEN PROVEN that males are stronger, excel better in academics, and are more creative, we should be getting more rights!

    I really feel like Hillary Clinton has an unfair advantage, Although I am very proud of Obama, My anger comes at Hillary. In fact, I feel like democrats need to go switch sides for this election, to Ron Paul, and away from the corrupt Clinton dynasty.

  • Hillary Clinton has an Unprecedented and Unfair Advantage

    Never before has a spouse of a former president run for President of the United States. Her political status and connection to Bill Clinton gives her more credibility than other Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. This buffer between rivals is unfair and unjust in a fair campaign.

  • How Could She Not?

    How could Hillary Clinton not have a political advantage? She has been in the upper echelon of politics for the past 20+ years. She is a career politician, and has made all of the connections and promises that she could possibly make to get where she wants to be. The Democratic party officially endorses her, Obama endorses her, a massive portion of radical liberals endorse her. She's going to be pushed to the front of the line, and there's not much that you can do to stop her.

  • If you call controversy an advantage, then she's got a HUGE one.

    Hillary has the support of several feminist organizations, liberal parties, and the support of her husband's previous ties throughout the government. This may seem like an advantage, but really she needs that to stay even. Her supporters help her get by through all of the big controversies such as: Benghazi, the private email server, and many others that are a bit harder to explain. The point being that she is probably not the best presidential candidate for 2016. She has advantages, but overall they just even out.

  • If anything, it's a disadvantage.

    Just because a select group of feminists back Clinton doesn't mean that there isn't a larger group of bigots who will vote against her because of her gender. Some say that Obama was elected only because he is African American. However, several other factors, such as campaign strategies, had a much larger influence in the outcome of the election. I feel that Clinton is in a similar position and that she does not have a disadvantage.

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