• Yes, inconsistency is not a good indicator.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton has a bad trade record. Clinton has voted inconsistently on free-trade agreements and has switched her public opinion on trade policy. When voting on multilateral trade agreements, specifically the North American Free Trade Agreement and Central America Free Trade Agreement, Clinton has opposed them because of their threat to American jobs. However, she has publicly supported outsourcing to India and she has voted in favor of bilateral trade agreements with Chile, Oman, Singapore and other countries. These inconsistencies in trade policy do not present a good trade record.

  • Yes, it is so obvious what she stands for. Look at her previous record. She wants to pass these trade agreements and helped oversee the deregulation of corporate America.

    Clinton exists in such an isolated bubble that she really doesn't grasp the fact that people are looking at her voting record. She probably puts more effort into developing a catchy new campaign slogan than into reading what people are writing about her record. Her first slogan--"Vote for Hillary or she'll shoot this puppy!"--didn't poll well so she had to go back to the drawing board, but I bet whatever she comes up with be at least as clever as: "Yes we can!"

  • No she does not

    Hillary may be many things, but she is an expert politician. That is why she is so shady. The best politicians have to be. Nobody would be able to deal with a truly honest politician as they would be unable to get anything done at all, you know, like Obama.

  • Her actual record is fineq

    People blame Hillary Clinton for NAFTA, even though she had no decision-making ability when it passed. The fact that she was married to the president doesn't make her responsible for those decisions, and she has help few offices where she actually had power over trade agreements. It's just another attack.

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