• A career politician with a lfietime of experience

    Mrs. Clinton has been in the public eye and the political arena most of her adult life. She has the experience and connections to be be well-informed on nearly any subject that come up in the course of a political career. She is well equipped to navigate the events after a campaign.

  • Yes, she is a very clever woman.

    Hilary's first language is Liar, so makes sense. Hillary's still doing the point/wave at the random person in the audience and behaves like they're your long-lost-friend routine. Half the voters pay no taxes and almost half are receiving free stuff from the tax payers. She is promising them even more "free stuff". This is why there is a very good chance she will be the next President.

  • It's looking bleak.

    I'd like to believe that Hillary Clinton knows what she's doing but she's not reassuring me very well or the rest of the nation for that matter. I feel like she's trying too hard to fit in with the cool kids. She's either trying to be Trump crazy or Sanders cool, just be you Hillary, let us see the true you.

  • Hillary Clinton extraordinarily competent

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most qualified people to run for president. Aside from her work as First Lady, she has been a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. Allegations about her past come from political enemies. This includes her use of a personal e-mail account when she was at State. Those in her position have done the same thing, and Congressional investigations have repeatedly turned up nothing.

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