Does Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearing prove women can handle combat?

  • Yes, I suppose so, to some extent

    I think this hearing proved some ideas that women can handle combat--at least to a few people who for some reason don't realize that women have been in combat from the beginning. Whatever it takes to get these ladies the benefits they deserve for doing the same types of jobs on the field.

  • I don't see how the two go hand and hand

    If this question is referring to women on the front line fighting for their country then yes I believe they can do such a thing we see it done in many other countries. However, I am not sure how this go hand and hand with Hillary Clinton's hearing they are not the same thing.

  • Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearing does not prove that women can handle combat.

    Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearing does not prove that women can handle combat. It only proves that she can do her job effectively by standing up to the people that she talks to. Being in combat is different than being able to handle yourself in the battlefield. Women have already proved that they can handle combat.

  • No it was already clear

    No the trial does not prove that women can handle combat. That should have been clear already and the trial does not further advance the notion. Women have been involved in combat for quite some time now and should be recognized not only as capable but also as brave and strong.

  • Congressional Hearing Not the Battlefield

    Ducking bullets flung at you from the mouths of angry members of Congress is not the same as dodging real bullets fired at you from enemy battlements. Women can already handle combat and should be allowed to serve alongside men if they follow the same physical guidelines. Everyone who is in the U.S. military deserves to be labeled the bravest people on the planet for their service and sacrifice. Women, if they want to, should be allowed in combat roles regardless of Hillary Clinton's testimony.

  • It proves that Hillary Clinton is able to do here job

    No, this does not represent all women. It says that Hillary Clinton can perform the duties assigned to her. Using this as generalization for all women is not acceptable. Everyone handle stress differently, so in some cases one may be cool, calm, and collected and in the same situation be out of control or frozen; it depends on the person.

  • No, but it proves her incompetence as Secretary of State

    To say that the Benghazi hearing proves that women can handle combat is a huge leap in logic. Being in a hearing is not the same as actually being out in combat physically. She also handled the situation poorly and more than likely lied the American people and then tried to cover it up for political reasons, which is disgusting.

  • How does one even come to that conclusion?

    In what world does a woman talking about combat and being a human and making mistakes even equal to women being in combat? Those 2 things are apples and oranges. It proved Hilary probably wouldn't be the best choice as a woman to go into combat, but there are women out there that CAN and DO handle combat, it is the same for guys. Some can do it, some can't. It proved nothing except for what we all knew already, people are humans.

  • NO

    It proves that Hilary Clinton may actually be a human being, something that I'm very glad to see.

    As for the hearing, men screw up, and men also get testy when you grill them for hours on end. If you're going to question her stability and leadership, then that's fine, but don't try to make a blanket statement for all women because of it. Such a concept is patently ridiculous. Not all women are built exactly the same, just like all men are not.

    As for the part where she almost choked up, I am seriously glad that she choked up at our fellow citizens being slaughtered. If you don't at least feel something over that, then I would say that you need a psych evaluation.

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