• With More Awareness Hillary Will Lose Support From Minorities

    Hillary may have had an advantage with minority voters for awhile now, but this is do to name recognition coupled with a problem which afflicts voters whether they are white, black, or brown, lack of awareness.

    Many don't know about or have forgotten Hillary Clinton's "superpredators" comment.

    When recently confronted about this she smugly told a black Somali-American activist "why don't you go run for something?"


    Previously she was also confronted by another activist who said "I am not a superpredator". The activist was whisked away after which Hillary switched to another topic.


    Hillary has apologized but is her apology credible? Does Hillary really care about minorities? Remember the 2008 election,


    Among other things Hillary openly boasted about having superior support from "white voters", Bill Clinton compared Obama's run to Jesse Jackson's unsuccessful run in 1988.


    When asked if she thought Obama was a Muslim Hillary said "he's not a Muslim AS FAR AS I KNOW." This looks an awful lot like inserting false uncertainty to pander to islamophobia and racism.

    It takes time for people to notice things, but as awareness grows Hillary's advantage with minorities will evaporate and swing in the other direction.

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