• There is no homophobia in Hinduism.

    In Hinduism, they believe that all life is sacred and to be loved. They believe that all is united by love. They believe in nonviolence and karma; how you act is how you will be treated. Nothing about Hinduism is homophobic, they do not believe it is a sin, because they very much believe in love and equality through love.

  • Hinduism is fine with homosexuality.

    Before the british invaded India, homosexuality was taken lightly. It was present in countless sacred texts and in a good light. Hinduisms beliefs have many pro LGBT ideas such as third sex, shakti, and gods themeselves.

    However that is hard to find these days in Indian culture. That is because after the bristish colonized india they forced their homophobic laws onto India and made homosexuality illegal. Over a century it got engraved into generations of Indians which is why they are mainly homophobic now.

    But that is a separate issue from the religion itself. Ask any indian and you will find their reasons against homosexuality has nothing to do with teaching from Hinduism.

    Please don't originate indian bigotry to it's peoples main religion.

  • Sacred Texts Include Homesexual Desire

    Some sacred texts in Hinduism include homosexual desires between gods and even gods who switch genders in order find love. If Hindu gods are okay with homosexuality, it follows that Hindus would follow suit. Each individual has his or her opinion on homosexuality, but it appears ancient Hindus were okay with homosexuality.

  • And it makes even less sense than Christians hating homosexuals

    To all the homophobic Hindus out there you guys believe in REINCARNATION, am I right?

    So even if it's a sin the worst that could happen is you come back as something unpleasant. Big whoop. That's not a good argument to try to hate on people "for their own good". At least Christian homophobes think gay people are going to hell. You just think we will turn into cockroaches or something. OK well what if I want to be a cockroach then. Big deal.

  • Hinduism hates homosexuals

    Hinduism, like many other major religions, is deeply homophobic and does not tolerate homosexuals. It is time people recognize that and recognize that these religions have a problem with bigotry. Hinduism is especially egregious, both in its bigotry toward women and homosexuals, but also for its doctrinal classism and other forms of hatred.

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