Does Hinduism serve a purpose in the modern world?

  • All religions Should be accepted

    All religions serve and equal Reminds us as humans we have the right to believe in anything that makes us happy. I don't know the exact beliefs on Hinduism but I believe that in order for the modern world to transcend and become more advance we as a people need to accept the beliefs of others.

  • Its not a fair religion

    Hindism is ancient capitalism where social order was preserved. Like today's farmers who've little money in circulation in rural areas and get lowest price for their produce, ancient shudras (modern dalits) didn't have right to education.
    All professions and position in society was predecided by birth.
    Any religion which doesn't offer fare chance of competition must be avoided.
    There were great scholars and they were Hindus just by statistical laws as education was denied to Shudras. Its scientifically proven that all humans have nearly equal IQ at birth and situation affects its development.
    In today's knowledge driven collaborative society any religion which denies education to majority of population (women were devoid of freedom) can at best be next Microsoft in current open source world.

  • Hinduism does not serve a purpose in the modern world.

    Hinduism, like all religions, is anachronistic in the modern world. It is clearly a vestige of the ancient world, when people needed to believe in fantastical myths to explain how nature worked. Although a lot of people follow the traditions of this religion today, no rational person can believe in the far-fetched stories of animal gods and magicians.

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