• Yes, it might.

    While there is no official scriptural reference to the death penalty in Hinduism, as there is not in many religions, as with them there is an understanding that murder is not the same as justifiable killing. So, and especially since they believe that the soul can come back, it probably could be justified.

  • Hinduism Supports the Death Penalty in Some Cases

    Hinduism does support the death penalty in some cases. Hindus believe in reincarnation, so the soul cannon really be destroyed. It can simply be reborn into another body. So, for sex crimes and murder you can provide social justice for the victim and the perpetrator can be reborn into another life.

  • Its not far to family's

    Because it can send the family members of that person that got sentenced to death in to a ultimate depredation and when ever someone talks son or daughter that person will start crying and just be super sad all the time and sometimes they will stop talking to people and shut every thing else out

  • Ahimsa = non-violence

    Ahimsa means non violence and not causing harm to any living being. They also believe in kala, meaning natural death, so wouldn't support the death penalty. There are very few cases where the death penalty is used by a Hindu. The criminal will receive bad karma so they would be punished in their next life.

  • Hinduism does not support the death penalty.

    Hinduism does not support the death penalty. They have always been against capital punishment but they have not done anything about it. There are very few cases in their religion that were given the death penalty. I do not think that most Hindus support the death penalty or capital punishment.

  • Hinduism is a peaceful religion

    No, I do not think that Hinduism supports the death penalty. Because of the teaching of peace and love, the dearth penalty would not fit into their beliefs. They do not believe in revenge, which is basically what the death penalty is: an eye for an eye / a life for a life. Granted there may people that practice the Hindu religion and are supportive of the death penalty, that does not mean that the religion as a whole does.

  • No, they are more forgiving.

    No, Hinduism does not support the death penalty, because the Hindus are a more peaceful religion. The tenants of Hinduism is not to preach revenge. The principles of Hinduism are rather to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Thus, the religion would not tolerate the retribution of the death penalty. Hinduism wants to use peace to forgive.

  • Dealth Penalties A No

    I do not believe the tenants of Hinduism actually support the death penalty. Individual people who follow Hinduism as their religion, may support it, but not he religion itself. I believe Hinduism seeks the same peace all religions try to find and I do not believe it upholds such injustices as the death penalty.

  • No, they believe people should change for the better.

    No, Hinduism does not support the death penalty, because Hinduism believes that people should be reformed, rather than put to death. Although technically, Hinduism does allow the government to use the death penalty in certain situations, the church believes that people should learn from their actions and change for the better, rather than face death.

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