• What you put in, and expose yourself to, is what comes out, and is what you start to act like and become.

    Say you listen to indie music, become a vegetarian, wear odd or stylish clothing, and hang around hipsters, chances are you're likely to become a hipster, and start acting like a hipster. If you expose your self to rap, dress street, and hang around people who are under hip hop culture, chances are you will start acting like and become one of them.

  • Hip Hop does indeed affect student behavior.

    Hip Hop contains many hidden or straight forward messages, these messages may have to do with violence or drugs. Since Hip Hop has recently increased in popularity, so has the amount of drug abuse or violence. The artists and wrappers influence these students-the students look up to the Hip Hop community because they are seen as "cool", so the student wants to be like the rapper. If the rapper is abusive, and has many who look up to him, there is a possibility that those who believe him to be a role model, will follow in him footsteps of being abusive.

  • Music is made for a reason!

    Music is very important in today's society, why do you think a vast majority of teenagers are aggressive, dirty minded, and just plain immature? Well the immature is mostly on their behalf but the music they listen to makes them dirty minded and aggressive thanks to today's hip hop artists making inappropriate music and directing it to be made for the age that has the most susceptibility.

  • Because music has different beats and rythem to it. It depends on what the parents allow there kids to listen to.

    See rock is a dark and loud type music which causes your child to be anti-social. Rap is loud but to some child mostly up beat and happy jazz to me is like a calm down or go to sleep type music that will make your child calm and steady.

  • Because music has different beats and rythem to it. It depends on what the parents allow there kids to listen to.

    See rock is a dark and loud type music which causes your child to be anti-social. Rap is loud but to some child mostly up beat and happy jazz to me is like a calm down or go to sleep type music that will make your child calm and steady.

  • Hip hop can affect behavior.

    I do believe Hip hop music can take an affect on student behavior at a certain young age. I think the younger crowd will see how success the hip hop artist and find them as "cool "and therefore, would naturally want to be like them and ultimately end up behaving like them.

  • Hip hop music affects student behavior

    Hip hop music affects student behavior. This is because of the fact that students are people. People's behavior is affected by music in general. Hip hop music most definitely influences student behavior as it has messages and affects on the person's mind. Lyrics that are inspriational will inspire the listener.

  • Yes it does.

    I think that all music affects behavior to some extent, and teenagers are especially susceptible to this. It does not mean that hip hop music affects their behavior in a bad way though. I think it is different for everyone. Also, it depends on the type of hip hop they are listening to.

  • Hip hop music affects student behavior.

    Hip hop music affects student behavior in a negative way. Hip hop features explicit sexual and violent acts which can lead to violent and deviant behavior. Children are at an impressionable age and they should not be exposed to such content. In order to keep our kids safe, we should not let them listen to hip hop.

  • Hip Hop music effect different people in different way.

    I think music in general affects students behavior in many ways. Hip Hop is little bit rough music where there is reference to sex, drugs and wildness, but there are many types of music that have the same references. Music is a inspirational. Most teenagers like to listen to Hip Hop and thats what they get their inspirations from.

  • Music does not affect student behavior

    Yall be tripping if you think that music is changing the way that students act during or out of class. It is just the way they want to be and sooner or later they will find out who they really are and maybe decide if the still want to be this way.

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  • No, Hip-hop does not affect students behavior

    Hip-hop does not affect a students behavior because everybody is a different person. Some people will hear every word in the song or just hear the beat of it. Just cause hip-hop has changed starting the 2000's, and has explicit language, sex, and drugs doesn't mean that its going to affect the person, like I had said every body is different.

  • No it does not

    Everyone has different tastes in music. People need understand the lyrics. If they like what they hear then that's them. Everyone is different. Everyone is not the same. YOLO as they say live it up and they way you want to. And its just music. And rap can be different. It all doesn't have to be about sex and drugs. There is real rap you just have to find it.

  • It's Just Music

    Hip hop music is just that--another form of musical expression. Every kind of music can affect student behavior. Headbanging music, classical music, Lady Gaga's music, Christian music, gangsta rap music and country music all have some kind of affect on students in general. It's wrong to single out hip hop for this question.

  • No, hip hop music does not affect student behavior – culture at large does.

    It is reasonable to argue that culture, including pop culture, affects the behavior of students of any age. While hip hop is a popular component of current pop culture, it is only a piece of a larger picture – it is not the only musical genre students listen to. Culture encompasses not just music, but other forms of media (movies, television, art, social media); there are many elements that can potentially affect students. Even assuming that hip hop is a predominant cultural element, a chicken-and-egg argument is created: does hip hop create societal attitudes and customs that affect students, or are the affected students attracted to hip hop because it reflects the societal attitudes and customs that culture and society at large has created? The argument that a particular type of music affects widespread behavior is too simplistic to be legitimate.

  • No, Hip Hop Music Does Not Affect Student Behavior

    Any student who is smart, intelligent and determined to do well will do just that, regardless of whether or not he/she listens to hip hop music. If anyone, student or otherwise, will allow something like music to negatively affect their behavior they are essentially unstable and would probably "come apart at the seams" no matter what type of music they listen to. This world is all about the survival of the fittest, and those who are not "fit" will always succumb to such nonsense.

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