• It does influence it ...

    Im not saying it doesn't have a place in society or anything, but it does promote bad behavior. As an expression, it is expressing negativity. As a genre, it references violence, poor choices, drug use, and a general disrespect towards authority and towards women. The fact that its popular at all just says alot about us.

  • Music you listen to has nothing to do with your actions

    I am an 18 year old Catholic girl that enjoys hip-hop music and generally, it definitely does not influence bad behavior. The person's morality is what determines how she/he acts, not what music they listen to. Hip hop may have some bad messages such as sex, drinking. Etc...But a lot of people who listen to the music listen to it because of the beat, not necessarily the lyrics. And just because hip hop is a music genre, it has nothing to do with someone's compass code or morals. Those come within someone's conscience. You either choose to do something terrible or you don't.

  • It depends on the person.

    I say it does to a certain extent. Hip hop had a negative effect on my life. My mom's was single and had to work my whole life and all I had was hip hop telling me how I could behave and possibly become a hip hop star and make millions of dollars. In reality there is a lot of things that shapes a young man's mind but as for the question at hand, hip hop can have a negative effect on an impressionable young mind, the same as books, movies and bad advice.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes yes yes yes I think that yes yes oh yes yes because yes yes and yes yes yes more yes yes yes and some more repetitions of the same word I already said which was yes yes yes yes yes. The last thing I am going to say is that yes.

  • Hip Hop Music is Form of Expression

    Hip hop music doesn't influence bad behavior. Bad parents, drugs and alcohol influence bad behavior. Hip hop is just another form of expression that exists in modern culture. It's no different than listening to a country music singer whine about his wife leaving him and then getting drunk. Hip hop is just part of our culture, not good or bad.

  • A genre of music does not necessarily influence behavior

    The style of the music has less bearing on the influence the music has then the content of the lyrics of the music. Hip hop music as a genre has more references violent acts, poor choices, and drug use as well as containing a lot of profanity. It is possible that Hip hop music glamorizes bad behavior but it is not directly responsible or inspiration for the bad behavior.

  • No it doesn't.

    I don't think that hip hop music has much of an influence on behavior. There maybe some hardcore rap songs that could influence someone. However, that is not hip hop, that is rap. Different thing. Hip hop is usually fairly mild. I don't think it influences any one to a noticeable extent.

  • Hip Hop Music is merely entertainment

    No, I do not believe that hip hop music influence bad behavior. All music has so aspect of influence on the mood, but the way an individual is raise should tell the individual how he or should or should not act. If we blame actions on entertainment, then no one will be held accountable for their individual actions.

  • Hip Hop music does not influence bad behavior.

    Hip Hop music does not influence bad behavior. Music does affect your mood but it does not cause you to act inappropriately. I think your character is what motivates your behavior in life. When you are growing up your morals define you as a person and influences around you in your personal life.

  • Hip hop is just a genre of music

    People have said that hip hop is no right for kids but it is not because artists try to talk to people about there childhood or there life now and how they always try to be normal artist are almost bullied just because of the color of there skin. There is a white artist and he would talk about how his life was the worst and now he is a man whose name is out there and he is one the greatest artists in the world

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-22T20:12:49.267
Where'd all those anonymous posts come from on the right?

"It is possible that Hip hop music glamorizes bad behavior but it is not directly responsible or inspiration for the bad behavior."

Where is your disconnect here in this statement? Glamorizing is not inspiring? We are talking about people here you know. I wouldn't say glamorizing = repulsing. It most certainly IS attracting people to bad behavior.