Does Hip-Hop still represent 'Peace, Love and Unity' like it did during the 1979-85 approx? I am aware some still do though.

Asked by: MyPhilosophy
  • Hip Hop Culture was originally created with the principles being Peace, Unity Love & Having Fun.

    However during the turn of the 90's the message of hip hop had turned to crime, violence and sex. Today, hip-hop has become less of its old stereotypes and more unorthodox than ever. However some traditions are still held. Do you agree with the majority of the culture or not?

  • Great topic and a question this generation should be pondering... I say, NO WAY does modern Hip Hop represent peace love and unity.

    As a longtime student of music, deep thinker and huge fan of old school rap, some words I would use to describe most modern 'Hip Hop' are: embarrassing, inane, moronic, vapid etc. - yet its the #1 genre of music on the planet. How ironic is that? From its inception and funneled down to a few contemporary MC's (i.E., K Lamar), rap is still a brilliant, necessary and equally valued art form.... But what happened? Culture is dying and most of todays music reflects that... Top of the list, Hip Hop. Yup, they've got the swagger, gold chains, whips and spotlight - but no respect from any rational minded mature adult - who is really being honest with themselves or not pandering to political correctness. Still hopeful that more worthwhile rappers will come out of the woodwork (cuz they are there) and given the spotlight... But at least we still have our old classic records to enjoy~

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