Does his recovery make the Mike Tyson biography a book you want to read?

  • I think his inner monologue would be interesting

    I believe that his own thoughts on various things that have happened in his career and beyond would be quite interesting. Specifically, I would like to get a detailed account of what was in his mind, if anything at all, when he bit that man's ear. I have heard the story, of course, but I think that a look at his deeper mental processes and his past would be interesting.

  • Mike Tyson's recovery from substance abuse would make me more likely to read his biography.

    I would be more likely to read Mike Tyson's biography knowing that he has had a recovery from substance abuse. Otherwise, I would think his biography might be just a book about his boxing and his partying lifestyle, and I'd have no real interest in reading that. But considering the lows in his life like the death of his daughter, and his substance abuse, and knowing that he came back from that, I think it might be an interesting and perhaps even inspirational story.

  • Mike Tyson is one of the most interesting people in the world

    Anyone who knows Mike Tyson's background story knows he is one of the most interesting people you will ever see or read about. At his apex he was the greatest boxer in the modern era but he also has fought many personal issues. I see Tyson more as a victim than as an aggressor and this would be a very interesting book to read.

  • He has not recovered.

    No, his recovery does not make Mike Tyson's biography a book I want to read, because it is hard to believe that he has reformed. Mike Tyson has a long history. He probably writes about a recovery to sell books. But the vast majority of people do not ever recover. I do not want to read a book that is not genuine.

  • No, I personally have no desire to read a Mike Tyson biography.

    No, I personally have no desire to read a Mike Tyson biography. Personally I just do not find him very interesting, I do not care about boxing or pigeons or anything else that he's interested in. The only way I would be interested in reading his biography is if he went into space and punched aliens or something.

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